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Lyr Add: Adding verses to 'What will we do?'

23 Mar 12 - 01:55 PM (#3327771)
Subject: Lyr Add: Adding verses to 'What will we do?'

In my perpetual quest for women-friendly songs to sing, I have returned repeatedly to the song, "What will we do?" (If we have no money...)

It's a wonderful melody. The lyrics are dated, obviously, being a traditional song. But the overall theme is perpetually relevant and, strangely, reassuring to me. When I get stressed about money, I have actually found myself singing this song and thinking, well, things aren't that bad. What do we do if we can't pay the mortgage? We keep going.

I am constantly tempted to add new verses to it, like, "What will we do if we marry a musician?"

I thought I would throw this out to the community to see what people might come up with, or if there is anything already out there.