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BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match

31 Mar 12 - 02:57 PM (#3331688)
Subject: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: gnu


OTTAWA (Reuters) - The son of former Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau will have a chance to punch a Conservative senator in the mouth on Saturday night and get away with it.

Justin Trudeau, an opposition Liberal member of Parliament, will go toe to toe in a boxing match against Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, a pony-tailed Algonquin Indian who once served as national chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.

Trudeau had laid down the gauntlet to other members of the governing Conservative Party, including Defense Minister Peter MacKay, until finally Brazeau agreed to take him on.

"I was sort of surprised it was as difficult as it was to find a Conservative across the aisle in the House not willing to punch me in the face. I suspect that more of them would have wanted to," Trudeau told CTV news.

Trudeau's father, the flamboyant prime minister from 1968-79 and 1980-84, had arranged boxing lessons for his son, who is now 40. The boyish-looking MP - weighing in on Wednesday at 180 pounds (82 kg) and 6 feet 2 inches - looks somewhat scrawnier than the tale of the tape would suggest.

Brazeau, 37, is stockier with huge arms and thighs. Even his tattoo dwarfs Trudeau's, extending shoulder to elbow. He tipped the scales at 183 pounds (83 kg), not much more than Trudeau, but his weight is packed into a shorter, 5 foot 10 inch frame.

"If Justin has never been hit by an 18-wheel truck, when he wakes up on April 1, that's how he's going to feel," Brazeau quipped on Sun News TV. A black belt in karate, he said he planned to work on what he called Trudeau's "very feeble ribs."

Trudeau acknowledges his underdog status but his superior height and long arms give him a reach advantage, and he is more of a strategic boxer who relies on speed.

"I've got a game plan I'm going to stick to," he said. "I hope to demonstrate that we Trudeaus are tougher than people think."

The match - a fund-raiser for a cancer charity - will go for three rounds of two minutes each. The boxers will wear protective head gear, and under Olympic rules, they will win points on the basis of the number of clean blows each lands, rather than how hard punches are thrown.

The battle of the parliamentary pugilists has inevitably drawn the analogies of the Conservative right hook and the Liberal left jab. The winner will be obliged to wear a jersey bearing the logo of the opponent's party.

Trudeau has often been touted as a future leader of the Liberal Party, which is now in third place in the House of Commons. He stirred up a hornet's nest last month by speculating about backing Quebec separatism if Canada moved too far right.

(Reporting by Randall Palmer)

31 Mar 12 - 03:19 PM (#3331695)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: GUEST,number 6

I'm not surprised Politiks (albeit Canadian, U.S. GB, France or whatever) has now evolved down to the same phoney standards as the WWF.


31 Mar 12 - 04:11 PM (#3331712)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: bobad

It's raising money for a good cause - I have no problem with it.

31 Mar 12 - 05:10 PM (#3331732)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: number 6

I dunno bobad, there are other ways of raising money for a good cause to which they could participate. But then again a boxing match as such represents politiks it's finest.


31 Mar 12 - 05:16 PM (#3331737)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: number 6

Why don't they make a real carnival out of it .... wet t-shirt contest for the female MP's .... catch the greased pig contest for the honourable ministers ... dunk the p.m. .... overpriced candy floss and kewpie dolls.


31 Mar 12 - 06:09 PM (#3331751)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: gnu

"dunk the p.m."

Where do I sign up? How long can I hold the fucker under? Probably not as long as I'd like to.

31 Mar 12 - 06:12 PM (#3331753)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: number 6

gnu .... *LOL*


01 Apr 12 - 07:02 AM (#3331935)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: gnu

OTTAWA - No one will confuse it with the classic bouts between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. But for what it lacked in the sweet science department, the so-called "Thrilla on the Hilla" charity boxing match between Liberal MP Justin Trudeau and Conservative senator Patrick Brazeau made up for in hype.

Trudeau, widely acknowledged by Parliament Hill pundits to be the underdog going into the fight, emerged the winner when the referee stopped the bout midway through the third round.

"It feels really good. I had a game plan that I was going to stick to," Trudeau told reporters after the bout.

"I knew he would come in heavy and hard right off the bat, but I also knew that I was going to be able to take anything he threw at me. And when he did, he emptied himself out, and I just kept going.

"I'll be absolutely honest: he hits really hard."

For weeks, Trudeau and Brazeau sparred on Twitter, with the brash young senator from Maniwaki, Que., trying to bait the eldest son of the late former prime minister Pierre Trudeau into shaving his head in the event of a knock-out, and taking shots over the Liberal MP's controversial quip about Quebec separation.

"March 31st, @justinpjtrudeau will meet someone he knows (the left) and what he fears most (my right)! U gonna separate then?" Brazeau tweeted.

"Are you ok, Pat? That's even more unintelligible than usual. Stick to your usual grunting and snarling... " Trudeau wrote in reply.

On Saturday night, they took the fight to each other in a different sort of political arena.

The crowd, which included Conservative Cabinet ministers Leona Aglukkaq, Rona Ambrose and James Moore, and MP Pierre Poilievre, cheered Brazeau when he walked to the ring to the strains of heavy-metal music, clad in a Tory-blue robe with white trim. Trudeau was heartily booed as he entered the ring in a Liberal-red robe to K'naan's hip-hop tune, "Wavin' Flag."

Brazeau came out swinging, landing shots to Trudeau's padded head guard early and often. The Liberal MP weathered the blows, using his reach and speed to his advantage. By the end of the first round, Brazeau looked like he was running out of steam.

The Liberal MP came out swinging in the second round, landing head and body blows and nailing Brazeau with a flurry of punches in the corner. Trudeau kept up the assault in the third round until the referee called the fight.

"In the beginning, he had the upper hand. He was swinging with everything and I was playing defensive to let him come, because I knew one thing: I knew I could take anything he threw at me and keep going," Trudeau said.

"What was it in my training that allowed me to do that? It wasn't my training. It's how I am. I take hits and I keep going. That's a lesson that Pat learned tonight and maybe a few other people learned tonight."

"He didn't get me down," Brazeau said after the fight, his nose bleeding. He also challenged Trudeau to a rematch.

Ask what hurt most, Brazeau responded "Oh, definitely the ego."

"You know, I'm a fighter and I'm a competitive guy. Obviously I like to trash talk," he said.

"But again, I fell short tonight. But I'm still glad that I trained for five months for this. You know, I came up short 30 seconds, so maybe I'll try to make it up next year."

Brazeau was the odd-on favourite to win. The heavily-tattooed, pony-tailed Algonquin stands a solid five-foot-10, weighs 183 pounds and, at 37 years old, is three years Trudeau's junior. He has a martial arts background and served in the military.

The Liberal MP from Montreal is three pounds lighter and four inches taller than Brazeau. He took up boxing in his early 20s, sparring on and off in the gym over the years.

The Trudeau-Brazeau bout was part of the Fight for the Cure event, organized to raise money for cancer research, a deeply personal cause for Brazeau, who lost his mother to cancer, and Trudeau, whose father had prostate cancer.

01 Apr 12 - 08:09 AM (#3331959)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: GUEST,999

Is the fight online anywhere, gnu?

01 Apr 12 - 08:25 AM (#3331969)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: GUEST,999

Here's the fight on Youtube.

01 Apr 12 - 09:10 AM (#3331989)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: Mooh

A good fight was fought, the right guy won, a good charity benefited, a political spectacle without public repercussions was seen.

I'm pretty left wing, so I found the Sun Media coverage pretty funny, if immature.

Peace, Mooh.

01 Apr 12 - 09:21 AM (#3331993)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: GUEST,999

With you on that 100% Mooh. It was a clean fight and a 'civilized' one, more civilized than those we see from the House floor.

IMO, the fight itself was over when that left from Trudeau to Brazeau landed in later round 2. Brazeau had guts to stay as long as he did.

01 Apr 12 - 12:28 PM (#3332067)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: Sandy Mc Lean

I thought that it was a good fight and for a good cause! These guys didn't lay back though and it was heavy leather to the end. Trudeau used better conditioning and better boxing skills to overcome an obviously stronger opponent, but he was tough to survive the first round! I think that Brazeau and Trudeau both deserve praise for their efforts.
Next I would love to see a match between Stephen Harper and Don Cherry. Any bets on that one?

01 Apr 12 - 12:51 PM (#3332079)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: gnu

The guy in better shape won. I dare say it could have gone the other way if Brazeau hadn't started sucking for air and if his arms didn't tire after just over a minute. He's got a pretty good straight right.

In any case, it takes guts to step into a ring, even for just six minutes.

Just wish it had Harper. Yes, Q... that was just for you... >;-)

01 Apr 12 - 12:53 PM (#3332082)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: gnu

THE CHERRY! On accounta he'd bring Blue.

01 Apr 12 - 01:47 PM (#3332113)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: GUEST,999

Of course Cherry would take it--by forfeiture. No way Harper would get his hair messed up.

01 Apr 12 - 02:05 PM (#3332122)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: meself

I didn't realize this was going to be a serious fight - I thought it would be a lot of clowning around. Young Trudeau is tougher than he looks, all right. Don't really know what to think of the whole thing, though ....

01 Apr 12 - 04:25 PM (#3332175)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: alanabit

I agree with all the above observations. I just wonder what would have happened had they not been wearing headgear. Possibly Trudeau would have been knocked out before the fight was a minute old! It made money for charity and both men came out of it with some dignity. It is not the worst idea I have ever heard.

01 Apr 12 - 04:59 PM (#3332194)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: gnu

Dignity... I know I shouldn't but that never stopped me before.

The grandstanding by Trudeau between rounds and ESPECIALLY after the fight pissed me off. I found it very unsportsmanlike... he is not a pro boxer and that shit was uncalled for. Now, I know it's a YT clip and may have been edited, but what I saw actually did piss me off. Especially after he continuously turned his head like a little girl and his jab was slow and sloppy and he very seldom had his left foot where it should have been and he measured as a defence... you get the pic. He took boxing lessons? Pierre should have gotten his money back.

AND, for Trudeau to continue to punch a man that clearly could not fight back shows a lack of judgement and character. The least he could have done was appeal to the ref to stop the fight on the third standing count and the ref would have allowed Brazeau to make the decision to continue.

There... I said it. I know I should not have but it's the truth.

On the other hand, I think Brazeau would have cleaned his clock if he had been in shape. But, if you can only last ONE minute physically, yer fucked. In my mind, he is the real winner. On the third hand, I can't feel TOO bad for a 37 year old senator, bloody nose or not.

01 Apr 12 - 05:28 PM (#3332207)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: alanabit

Trudeau won - as has already been said by you and others - because he was fitter and had a greater variety of punches. I didn't notice the grandstanding, which is something I dislike too.
As it happens, there was some "celebrity boxing"(between famous non-boxers) on German TV last night. They boxed under pro rules without head protection. I saw a couple and their boxing skills were no worse than those in the above bout. Trudeau at least moved well enough to stay out of trouble after the first round. Thinking about it, you are right about his jab. Had it been working properly, he need never have got into trouble at the beginning of the fight. I quite liked the reaction of Brazeau when he was asked what hurt worst!

01 Apr 12 - 06:18 PM (#3332228)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: GUEST,999

I found what usually happens, happened. A boxer and karate guy fight. The rules become boxing rules (and karate fighters usually use four weapons to fight and boxers two). Every single time I have gone up against a boxer I've had my clock cleaned. A boxer who was training in karate with whom I sparred often told me that the tempo of the fight changed when he had to move to kick, so mostly he boxed. Matches--as was the Brazeau/Trudeau one--are usually won by boxers.

I agree with gnu: I think grand-standing and acting cute after you win are not good things to show the world. It's often (as has been pointed out or implied by Gnu and meself) the result of training and ONE good shot (punch) and imo that's what it was in this case. The punch near the late middle part of round two. Neither fighter was in shape for the ordeal, but certainly Trudeau had the edge. And one more thing: under many karate-type martial arts, it is 'illegal' to punch to the head. As Brazeau had stated in pre-fight hype, he intended to work Trudeau's body, but that's a karate fighter thinking. Legs are longer than arms. And when it came to arms, Trudeau had the reach. IMO.

01 Apr 12 - 06:30 PM (#3332234)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: GUEST,999

I neglected to mention my buddy Alan's view (and I mention that now because my take on him is that he is very tough and very adept and I don't want him pissed off at me): Without head gear the fight was over about 3/4 the way into round one. Brazeau would have won. Brazeau counted on that, and he shouldn't have.

01 Apr 12 - 06:39 PM (#3332238)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: gnu

Well, it was all for a good cause. A little silly to me that two grown men would do it, but it was for a good cause and that's what counts.

BTW, 9. If he turned his head on me like that, in shape or not, I'da bruised and maybe broken his skinny short ribs. They should teach that to karate guys. >;-)

37 year old senator? Holy crap what a JOB! I'll bet he doesn't buy lotto tickets. His luck is all used up!

01 Apr 12 - 06:49 PM (#3332242)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: GUEST,999

You got ANY idea what his pension is?


Sheesh: he ain't been a karate guy for years. I used to do 100 push-up and not break a sweat. Now, it's everything I can do to get on the floor without falling. Thus, Smith and Wesson.

01 Apr 12 - 08:04 PM (#3332259)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: Little Hawk

If either one of them had fought Chongo Chimp, it would have been a very short fight...he'd have anihilated those guys. However, Chongo isn't involved in Canadian politics.

Pity! ;-)

02 Apr 12 - 02:10 AM (#3332358)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: GUEST,Chongo Chimp

I can't be bothered gettin' involved in Canuck politics. Anyway, it's too boring. You guys got, what?....maybe 10 drive-by shootings in a whole year for the whole country??? Gimme a break. I prefer a place like Chicago or L.A., where there's enough action to keep an ape like me interested.

I had a look at the fight. The Trudeau kid did not bad. The other guy tired himself out so fast that he had no chance after the first round. I call that poor plannin' and lack of experience. He musta figured he was Rocky Marciano or somethin', but he wasn't. However, without the protective headgear, his plan mighta worked out just fine....and he also mighta done some permanent brain damage to the Trudeau guy. Given that, I'm thinkin' it's a darn good thing they had protective headgear! It probably should be made mandatory in the ring.

- Chongo

02 Apr 12 - 05:00 AM (#3332393)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: alanabit

"Sheesh: he ain't been a karate guy for years." That's a pretty telling comment. You meet so many guys who used to be black belts. It only really works if you have the fitness and practice to strike with the full force of your body. This isn't self defence or unarmed combat. The rules are deliberately made to reduce the amount of damage which can be done. I'll go along with 999's coments about boxers vs karate men too. You can get more power from a leg and it is longer - but you move differently and your opponent has more time to get out of the way. Against the speed, mastery of angles and timing of a reasonably trained boxer, most of us don't have a hope in hell! It wasn't a bad effort from two near middle aged men, but no one should have expected much more.

02 Apr 12 - 01:45 PM (#3332615)
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
From: gnu

Wellll, I kinda expected more from Trudeau in terms of skills because of the boxing lessons. Then again, as someone who himself is not particularly fond of being hit, I can understand the eye closing and head turning, especially if one has not been in the ring much lately.

I must say, though, in the second round, Trudeau's proper placement of his left foot seemed to magically appear when he gained some confidence and it enabled him to use his reach advantage when Brazeau missed with his right.

Next up, a canoe race.