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Morris on BBC Radio 2

09 May 12 - 12:58 PM (#3348740)
Subject: Morris on BBC Radio 2
From: Geoff the Duck

What a surprise - someone on Radio NOT making fun of Morris Dancing...

A link which appeared today on Facebook.

(from)The Morris Ring
Here's the link to Peter Halfpenney (Squire of the Morris Ring) on Chris Evan's show this morning. Starts at 2:11:50. Well done Peter!

The same show also included a short chat with Jon Boden (Jon Boden at 2:22.46 in the programme) about an appearance by Bellowhead in a Radio 2 concert tomorrow evening.

Will wonders never cease.

10 May 12 - 04:56 AM (#3349033)
Subject: RE: Morris on BBC Radio 2
From: GUEST,PeterC

The BBC national stations on radio and TV generally give very sympathetic coverage to folk music, song and dance. Pity about the local stations.