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John J Niles - Boone Tolliver LPs on CD

23 Jun 12 - 01:45 PM (#3367106)
Subject: John J Niles - Boone Tolliver LPs on CD
From: Thomas Stern

Niles recorded a couple of 10" LP's on his own BOONE-TOLLIVER label
around 1953. BTR-22 American Folk Love Songs.
             BTR-23 Ballads Vol.1
They are not common, though are offered from time to time on the various sites for vinyl.

They are now available on a CD with notes by RON PEN, director of the John Jacob Niles Center for American Music, University of Kentucky.
I'm Goin' Away
The Lass from the Low Country
Go 'way from my Window
The Cuckoo
Barbary Ellen
Little Mattie Groves
The Turtle Dove
Black is the color of My True Love's Hair
Mary Hamilton
The Little Mohee
The Rosy Peach
The Gypsy Laddie
O Waly, Waly.

Available from your favourite purveyor of little silver discs.
Best wishes, Thomas.

23 Oct 12 - 03:46 PM (#3424986)
Subject: RE: John J Niles - Boone Tolliver LPs on CD
From: Thomas Stern

given the overwhelming response to the above, it hardly seems worth
mentioning the following - but perhaps there is someone out there who
has some interest....

A very rare recording by NILES has been issued on a CD-R from the
Canadian company M.C.Productions Vintage Recordings:


The disc contains 26 tracks, 24 by the ENGLISH SINGERS of Madrigals
and similar material. Added are 2 tracks from the nearly unknown
ROYCROFT 78rpm record 172:

Marion Kerby and John Jacob Niles
Just Like a Tree Planted by the Water
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

Information about ROYCROFT is hard to find - depending on source,
recorded sometime between 1927 and 1933.

Kerby and Niles performed together between 1929 and 1932, many concerts reviewed or announced in the NY Times. They also performed
in other places around the United States.

If anyone has the original 78rpm issue of this, or has any definitive
information about recording or release date, or knows of any contemporary reviews of the disc, PLEASE let me know.

I would also like to know if anyone else on this list has any interest
in Niles work.

Thank you!
Best wishes, Thomas.

23 Oct 12 - 04:35 PM (#3425007)
Subject: RE: John J Niles - Boone Tolliver LPs on CD
From: Charley Noble


Fear not. There's always a little interest flickering here and there on this forum.

Charley Noble

24 Oct 12 - 05:30 AM (#3425260)
Subject: RE: John J Niles - Boone Tolliver LPs on CD
From: Spleen Cringe

A Hawk & A Hacksaw's label, LM Dupli-Cations, has reissued the Boone Tolliver Recordings. They are available on LP, download and CD.

I have the vinyl and it's a handsome reissue with extensive sleevenotes by Ron Pen. Here's a review from the Independent. Here's the link to the record label website.