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Tech: Spotify on iPad

04 Aug 12 - 11:15 AM (#3386021)
Subject: Tech: Spotify on iPad
From: BrendanB

I have loaded the Spotify app on my iPad but when I open it I am asked for a password which I do not have as I have only just loaded it and there is no facility to create one, any advice?

05 Aug 12 - 12:21 AM (#3386274)
Subject: RE: Tech: Spotify on iPad
From: GUEST,Fossil at work

Probably what it wants is your FaceBook password, as you have to access Spotify via FB. I too found the installation process a real drag and rather user-unfriendly. The finished product seems good however and certainly works well, even if I find myself using it to play my already-recorded stuff. But the ability to access almost any song you might ever want to hear is good. And - what I regarded as an unwanted extra - when it tells you what your FB friends have been listening to, I find quite interesting.

05 Aug 12 - 10:13 AM (#3386395)
Subject: RE: Tech: Spotify on iPad
From: BrendanB

Thanks for that. I'll give it a go.