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copyright issue

26 Oct 99 - 08:12 AM (#128116)
Subject: copyright issue
From: Dani

Just happened to see this info on a link from the fabulous page at:

and thought y'all might be interested. Don't no nothin' 'bout no laws, but they seem to be pretty thorough folks.

Images, texts, transcriptions, and/or recordings reproduced in this document may be protected by copyright. Users who contemplate reproducing materials for other than private use should make an additional effort to determine ownership and, if restricted, seek permission before reproducing them. Permission to publish must also be requested from the:

Manuscripts Department Wilson Library, CB #3926 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC 27514

26 Oct 99 - 11:17 PM (#128440)
Subject: RE: copyright issue
From: _gargoyle

Talking with a drama director/producer (who is on medications) this weekend....I realized one of the confusing issues with the "RIGHTS WORLD" is the difference between.....




The patent has a very limited lifespan
The copyright...has a longer and more persistant one.