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Lyr ADD: Dingle Bay

27 Oct 99 - 12:33 PM (#128622)
Subject: Dingle Bay
From: Nick Shortland

A friend of mine is looking for the lyrics of an old Irish folk song called Dingle Bay. I rashly stated that it was possible to find anything on the Web!!! Don't let me down, come up with the lyrics .... thanks.

27 Oct 99 - 03:35 PM (#128697)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dingle Bay
From: Mían

So far I have only found 2 references to the song "Dingle Bay": one is an artist named Connie Foley, the album being "3 Leaf Shamrock" and the other is the group The Irish Weavers, on an album (cassette) called "Britches Full of Stitches" and featuring Eileen Kennedy. I am still searching. Mían

27 Oct 99 - 04:02 PM (#128707)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dingle Bay
From: Mían

Still looking. I found that a song, "Dingle Bay" is on two CDs by the Wolf Tones: "Spirit of the Nation" and "25th Anniversary", both published by Shanachie. Hopefully some of these references will lead to lyrics and tune...

27 Oct 99 - 07:44 PM (#128797)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dingle Bay
From: Mían

Yet another version: Cahal Dunne on CD "Jig don't Jog"

28 Oct 99 - 04:29 AM (#128902)
Subject: Lyr Add: DINGLE BAY (Brian Warfield)
From: Stewie

Here you go, if it's the one you want:

(Brian Warfield)

Contentment of mind is not found in a city
So me mind is inclined for to ramble and dream
To a place where my heart has found greater fortune
In a brief winter skirmish me mind will see summer once more

And there's where the small birds sing high on the mountain
That furze dressed mountain, that valley or hill
There's where the wild eagle knows its own freedom
And fishermen's boats make their way to Dingle Bay

The sound of the bees there collecting their honey
The sight of the sea birds protecting their young
The scent of the wild flowers, the spray of the ocean
It's nature's own beauty we're watching the world go round


The fishermen's boats there they plough the salt ocean
For mackerel and herring, all the fish of the sea
And though I have travelled the wild world all over
There's nowhere on earth that is dearer to me


Author: Brian Warfield. Source: The Wolfe Tones 'Spirit of the Nation' TRL 1006

Cheers, Stewie.

28 Oct 99 - 04:47 AM (#128905)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dingle Bay
From: Nick Shortland

Thanks Stewie, I am forever in your debt. I knew my faith in the Intranet would bear fruit. This is a great forum and a superb recource. It is now on My Favorites.

28 Oct 99 - 12:37 PM (#129063)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dingle Bay
From: Art Thieme

Yep, it bore fruit. This must be where those berries come from. **smile**

14 Nov 99 - 06:00 PM (#136056)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dingle Bay
From: Nick Shortland

Damn and blast!!!

The woman is never satisfied! :-) Apparently the version of Dingle Bay supplied by Stewie is not the one she wanted. Can somebody come up with another version?

Mian, the version you mentioned by Eileen Kennedy may be THE ONE. Have you the words?

24 Aug 06 - 01:23 PM (#1818010)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dingle Bay
From: GUEST,Don Meade

DINGLE BAY as sung by Mary Courtney of Dingle, now living in NYC:

The sun was sinking oer the westward
The fleet is leaving Dingle shore
I watch the men row in their curraghs
As they mark the fishing grounds near Scellig Mor
All through the night men toil until the daybreak
while at home their wives and sweethearts kneel and pray
That God might guard them and protect them
and bring them safely back to Dingle Bay

I see the green Isle of Valencia
I mind the days around Lough Lein
The gannets swinging with abandon
As they watch the silver store that comes their way
I also see a ship on the horizon
She is sailing to a country far away
on board are exiles feeling lonely
As they wave a fond farewell to Dingle Bay

Now years have passed as I came homeward
And time has left me old and grey
I sit and muse about my childhood
And the happy times I spent near Dingle Bay
I see again the green isle of Valencia
And the Isle of Inishmore seems far away
And I'm always dreaming of my childhood
And the happy days I spent near Dingle Bay

24 Aug 06 - 01:40 PM (#1818021)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Dingle Bay
From: Declan

There is also a song known as the Dingle Bay boat song, which is a thinly disguised version of the Mingulay Boat song. This was recorded and released in Ireland, in the 70s I think. Not sure who by (or why they bothered changing the words).