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Lyr Req: The Sloth (Flanders & Swann)

08 May 97 - 05:00 PM (#5002)
Subject: Flanders & Swann: Sloth
From: Steffan O'Sullivan (

I'm looking for the lyrics to a number of Flanders & Swann songs: in particular, The Sloth. (Also the Bathtub Song is pretty high on the list . . .) Can anyone help? Many thanks,

10 May 97 - 11:40 PM (#5070)
Subject: RE: Flanders & Swann: Sloth
From: Sharon (

The best advice I can give (at least on this topic) is to look for "At the Drop of a Hat" and "At the Drop of Another Hat" in used record stores, preferably in a large city. Like New York. Or London.

I'm not sure this is a great deal of help, but I couldn't resist responding to another F&S fan. Good luck.

Have you heard "Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud"?

11 May 97 - 09:06 PM (#5094)
Subject: RE: Flanders & Swann: Sloth
From: John

I came across the complete(?) collection of their sheet music and lyrics in a hard-back book in my local library Just a few years ago. I was smitten after hearing "The Gas-Man Cometh" on a radio nostalgia program just prior to this. Will try this old fashioned resource in a few days.

Regards Johnb

12 May 97 - 10:39 AM (#5109)
Subject: RE: Flanders & Swann: Sloth
From: AndyG

The Sloth was released on :-
The Bestiary of Flanders and Swann
1964 Parlophone PCS 3026

...Available from EMI:
At the Drop of a Hat.
At the Drop of Another Hat.
The Bestiary of Flanders & Swann
All Three as a Box Set, The Complete F&S, CDFSB 1 CDS 7974642.

info at


12 May 97 - 08:39 PM (#5136)
Subject: RE: Flanders & Swann: Sloth
From: Arnowitt

"Mud, or the Hippopotamus Song, is found in "Rise Up Sing- ing. The re-released cds are great!

26 May 97 - 08:40 PM (#5782)
Subject: RE: Flanders & Swann: Mud Lyrics and Cannibal Song
From: Kitdiva

How lovely to hear that people are still familiar with F&S. I heard them in the US when I was a kid (I believe it was the At the Drop of a Hat tour.

Mud, mud glorious mud Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood So follow me, follow Down to the hollow And there we shall wallow in glorious MUD!

My dad used to sing it around the house all the time!

Does anyone remember the Cannibal Song??? I just remember the bit:

I won't eat people Eatin' people is wrong!

I'd love to find out the details on this hardcover book of F&S's lyrics, etc. -kit

27 May 97 - 01:53 AM (#5795)
Subject: RE: Flanders & Swann: Sloth
From: Benjamin Hollister

The Book I took the lyrics from for Steffan was "The Songs of Flanders And Swann"

It was published in 1977 by Elm Tree Books and St George's Press, so I don't know of it's current availability. The address listed for them then was 90 Great Russell St London WC1B 3PT.

Good Luck


20 Apr 17 - 08:38 AM (#3851415)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: The Sloth (Flanders & Swann)
From: Nigel Parsons

Lyrics quoted in Another thread