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finger pain -- diet

01 Dec 12 - 05:17 PM (#3445407)
Subject: finger pain -- diet
From: MAG

Other folks might want to hear about my experience --

for quite some time I hadn't been able to seriously fingerpick because of stiffness and pain in my fingers

due to diabetes I had to cut way back on sugar and potatoes

a friend had mentioned some time before this that anything in the nightshade family contributes to joint inflammation -- it sounded too fringy for me, but after my diet change I suddenly noticed one day my hand pain was gone -- continued cutting back on anything in the nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) and my hands are good as new --

happened to mention this to my shrink, and she said, well, that is the anti-inflam,ation diet.

read up on it; lots of stuff I just can't give up, and I know lots of folks couldn't give up the above vegetables, but for me it has been wonderful.

I'm just sayin' ...

01 Dec 12 - 06:12 PM (#3445439)
Subject: RE: finger pain -- diet
From: Desert Dancer

Yep, it helps me a lot. You'll find previous discussions on arthritis threads here.

~ Becky in Long Beach

02 Dec 12 - 10:11 AM (#3445717)
Subject: RE: finger pain -- diet
From: Deckman

"Bride Judy" and I have had the same experience. No more potatoes for us. bob)deckman)nelson

02 Dec 12 - 04:44 PM (#3445882)
Subject: RE: finger pain -- diet
From: alex s

interesting. any scientists got an explanation?

03 Dec 12 - 05:08 AM (#3446049)
Subject: RE: finger pain -- diet
From: Rumncoke

Humans didn't evolve eating potatoes, tomatoes, etc. nor grains for that matter.

On the Atkins diet I found my ability to walk pain free returned in the first three days - the nurse and doctor I have told maintain it is entirely coincidental.

Yea, right.

Luckily I could always sit and play my guitar and other instruments, it was just my back, hips, knees, ankles - all the mobility involved joints.

03 Dec 12 - 08:08 AM (#3446119)
Subject: RE: finger pain -- diet
From: Jack Campin

There are a bunch of related toxic chemicals in plants of the nightshade family, solanine being the most widespread. (Others: atropine, hyoscine, nicotine, chaconine, solanidine). People vary enormously in their sensitivity to these. My guess is that this is the chemical background to the arthritis-like symptoms.

03 Dec 12 - 09:24 AM (#3446153)
Subject: RE: finger pain -- diet
From: Stilly River Sage

My entire garden seems to be the tobacco/nightshade family. Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant (though this time of year it is broccoli, garlic, and onions.) My food problems seems to stem from an allergy to chocolate and coconut. And chocolate and coconut to the processed foods aisles are what the Solanaceae family is to my garden. Ubiquitous.