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Tech: Continuous Ink Supply - experience???

20 Jan 13 - 09:55 AM (#3468968)
Subject: Tech: Continuous Ink Supply - experience???
From: Mr Red

has anyone tried this kind of ink refilling?
I went to get the Epson six pack in a hurry and they didn't have. But the guy in the shop told me to look this up.
Anyone with experience?

We do a lot of publicity posters and substitute cartridges don't last as long and block the jets. I suspect Epson s/w has a hand in this, the printer reports when the cartidge is not original. And may, or the cartridge may, report empty sooner than it should. Cost is a consideration, but the hassle of running-out of cartridges and getting supplies is also. And individual inks run-out out of phase anyway.

So advice on CISS ? - the link is geared to UK but I doubt it is administered from here.


link to system for one printer the site also seems to cover all Epson, and Cannon & other brands.

My printer is not cheap so I don't want to loose it. It prints on CD/DVD.

20 Jan 13 - 10:06 AM (#3468970)
Subject: RE: Tech: Continuous Ink Supply - experience???
From: SussexCarole

I've used cont ink system on 2 different Epson printers - brilliant !!

I'll pm more details

20 Jan 13 - 11:02 AM (#3468987)
Subject: RE: Tech: Continuous Ink Supply - experience???
From: pavane

My son uses it and it works well - but I think it is only available for Epson. I tried to get one for my new printer and it is not yet available.

20 Jan 13 - 05:15 PM (#3469134)
Subject: RE: Tech: Continuous Ink Supply - experience???
From: Bernard

I have one - it completely replaces the ink tanks, which is why it won't work on HPs and the like where the print head is an integral part of the cartridge.

They aren't particularly pretty to look at, because the supply tanks are on top of the printer with plastic tubes going to where the ink tanks used to be (so to speak).

However, if you do a lot of printing it's the way to go - you won't get the heads clogging up because you've run out of ink and kept going, which dries up residual ink in the nozzles, and it's far cheaper in the long term.

Don't believe the rubbish people tell you about the quality of ink - the equipment suppliers usually use the same ink supplier...!

The people I use are DG Films in Heywood, Lancs (UK). George is very helpful and knowledgeable. Although I always go to his warehouse in person (not far from here), he can be found on eBay. So far he hasn't found the need to set up a website, as he mostly supplies retailers and computer fairs.

George sells Epson printers, too - you can buy one with a continuous ink supply system, and he'll refund you the cartridges you don't need!