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BS: Charlie Chan Movies

02 Nov 99 - 05:17 AM (#130795)
Subject: Charlie Chan Movies

I am banking upon the eclectic interests of mudcatters here, rather than an interest in folk music. I have just joined the modern world and got a VCR. My wife has never seen a good Charlie Chan movei--one of those policically uncorrect ones with Mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown. I haven't seen them listed in internet video catalogues. Does anyone know where they can be found? Also, can you give me a few titles.



02 Nov 99 - 08:14 AM (#130820)
Subject: RE: BS: Charlie Chan Movies
From: MTM

Welcome to the modern world--Charlie Chan is a weird place to start though. thanks to insomnia and late night Bravo, I became a Chan Fan for a bit. i know of a couple of sites that might have Chan info and videos, and I will now attempt to provide you with a blue clicky thing:

mystery net


classic movies

hope it works


02 Nov 99 - 09:57 PM (#131115)
Subject: RE: BS: Charlie Chan Movies
From: bbelle

I've never heard of the two CC's you mention, but I've seen all of the ones starring Sidney Toler, Warner Oland, and J. Carroll Nash. Good luck ... moonchild

02 Nov 99 - 10:28 PM (#131136)
Subject: RE: BS: Charlie Chan Movies
From: DonMeixner


Moreland and Brown where black comics that were in the films for comic relief. They played stereo typical roles as negro drivers or house boys. A double whammy, having a black man play a house boy to an white man who was playing a Chinaman who was, supposed to be from a racial sense, the traditional house boy.


There were some 35 Charlie Chan novels, some of which were made into films, some of them silents. Besides Roland Winters, Sidney Toler, Warner Oland, and J Carol Naish, Peter Ustinov and Ross Martin were Charlies and two silent film stars whose names escape me at moment.

AS Bill Steele put in his song about Carlie Chan.

"Tho' he's yellow on the outside he was always white within,"

"He's the movies top banana, Charlie Chan."


02 Nov 99 - 10:33 PM (#131140)
Subject: RE: BS: Charlie Chan Movies
From: RiGGy

I still say "Solly Cholly" to some folks who haven't the foggiest...... RiGGy

03 Nov 99 - 12:15 AM (#131171)
Subject: RE: BS: Charlie Chan Movies
From: Clifton53

I owe a great debt to Charlie Chan movies. I am one of four brothers, the youngest, and was forever known to the old man as "Numbah Four Son". He wasn't so much a social commentator as he was a comic.

03 Nov 99 - 01:23 AM (#131193)
Subject: RE: BS: Charlie Chan Movies

MTM: I haven't started with Charlie Chan. The first thing I did was to order tapes of some of the Rainbow Quest programs. Meanwhile I rented all the movie classics I could find here (which weren't many)

Thanks for the sites, your blue clicky things worked perfectly. I have bookmarked them and will peruse them later (when I am not supposed to be working ;^)

Don: I mispent my youth (say up to age 50) reading Charlie Chan novels and, when I lived in Philly, watching CC movies on late night TV.

Clifton: I was numba one son. I have put numba three son, who is on the net and who still lives in Philly, onto finding me one too. He hasn't come across yet.

There is one that I saw as a kid in one of those cheap movie houses that played old films because they were old, not because they were classic. In that one Birmingham Brown meets another black comic and they go on to have a conversation where each one never finishes his sentence before the other replies eg. "How is old..." Oh, pretty good, but I hear he has a..." "That's too bad...." etc. I would love to know the title of that one.