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A new Kate Wolf fan?

29 Jan 13 - 11:16 AM (#3473005)
Subject: A new Kate Wolf fan?
From: Deckman

We have a new Kate Wolf fan at our house. Her name is "Kiki" and she is a ten year old ferrell cat we adopted as a kitten. I'm always in my office, at my computer, by three every morning. Usually after about an hour of writing I'll turn on Pandora Radio. Whenever the music starts to play a Kate Wolf song, Kiki comes into my office and jumps up to a high shelf I built just for her.

And she ONLY comes in for Kate Wolf music ... I've tested that. Then she leans her head over the shelf, stares at me and smiles and closes her eyes. TRUE!

I wonder what Kate would say?   bob(deckman)nelson

29 Jan 13 - 09:19 PM (#3473341)
Subject: RE: A new Kate Wolf fan?
From: ChanteyLass

Is it just a coincidence you wrote this today? Her birthday was January 27 (1942), and shortly before I opened this thread I had listened to a set of her songs on a local college radio station. I am glad to read that Kate has a new fan, even one of the feline persuasion. Has Kiki grasped the significance of Kate's last name? She seems to be experiencing cross-species admiration.

29 Jan 13 - 09:29 PM (#3473350)
Subject: RE: A new Kate Wolf fan?
From: Deckman

ChanteyLass ... TOO FUNNY. I'll ask Kiki about this in the morning ... bob

29 Jan 13 - 10:28 PM (#3473363)
Subject: RE: A new Kate Wolf fan?
From: open mike

for those not yet in the know....Kate was a wonderful singer and songwriter...she died Dec. 1986
and there is a festival honoring her memory held each June
in Northern California...

She had just reached national/international fame after appearing on
Prairie Home Companion and Austin City Limits....just prior to her passing. she had been well known in California for quite a while as she hosted a radio show on KPFA f.m. radio in the East Bay Area (San Francisco)as well as performing her beautiful music.

30 Jan 13 - 05:46 PM (#3473659)
Subject: RE: A new Kate Wolf fan?
From: Thomas Stern

I first encountered Kate Wolf in the late 1970's at (iirc) the
Northwest Regional Folk Festival. It was a most enjoyable setting,
a former army(?) camp just north of San Francisco (across the Golden Gate bridge). It had a main stage, and 3 outlying stages. One could hear everyone at the main stage, and get a more in-depth exposure
to particular performers at the outlying stages.
Wonderful writer and performer. She is missed!
There are many recordings and some video - all worth hearing - available.

30 Jan 13 - 11:29 PM (#3473755)
Subject: RE: A new Kate Wolf fan?
From: open mike

that location sounds like the Golden Gate headlands....i believe there is now a youth hostel there (as well as at the former military post Fort Mason which is located just south of the bridge. It sounds like it was a wonderful gathering....glad you experienced it!