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BS: 'This Machine Kills Fascists'

09 Feb 13 - 02:05 PM (#3477611)
Subject: BS: 'This Machine Kills Fascists'
From: Wesley S

In order to see the ultimate expression made famous by Woody Guthrie check the link and see what was displayed at a gun rally here in Georgia:

Click then scroll down....

Hard to believe.

09 Feb 13 - 02:17 PM (#3477615)
Subject: RE: BS: 'This Machine Kills Fascists'
From: Wesley S

Also hard to believe:

A Glock commercial

09 Feb 13 - 02:35 PM (#3477620)
Subject: RE: BS: 'This Machine Kills Fascists'
From: John MacKenzie

So many bloodthirsty Americans! When I tie this in, with the Americans I know and like, it just doesn't add up.

09 Feb 13 - 02:46 PM (#3477624)
Subject: RE: BS: 'This Machine Kills Fascists'
From: Jack the Sailor

they are not so much bloodthirsty as fantasy-prone they yearn for they prepare day when they get to sneak into Viet Nam and free some MIA's or shoot a mugger or some other think Sly Stallone did in a movie.

It is just as sad and perhaps more dangerous, but those people don't have the guts to be blood thirsty.

Put it this way.

Which of the following do you think that a man who carries a big ole gun like that in public believes about himself?.

a. That he has an ample penis?
b. That he has and average penis?
c. That he couldn't satisfy a red blooded woman with a constant iv drip of Viagra and Walrus dick?

09 Feb 13 - 04:13 PM (#3477650)
Subject: RE: BS: 'This Machine Kills Fascists'
From: GUEST,Grishka

It says "facists", not "fascists". The owner feels discriminated by his face, and threatens revenge. Not the first one. What good is an ample penis if you never get a chance to produce it.

Another popular ism is korectspelism. Kill them all!

09 Feb 13 - 04:46 PM (#3477669)
Subject: RE: BS: 'This Machine Kills Fascists'
From: Little Hawk

Maybe he means people on Facebook? ;-)

I don't think most of them are bloodthirsty exactly...they're just paranoid, that's all. They imagine themselves playing out some heroic role, defending freedom and protecting their wives, their children, and the Constitution.

Why wouldn't they believe something like that, given all the dumb Hollywood action films they've viewed during their lives? With role models like Stallone and Chuck Norris, and shows like "The Walking Dead", what would you expect? In all those movies, the solution to everyone's problems is to blow away hundreds of the bad guys with lots of heavy firepower.

For a classic example of this, look up the old Stallone movie "Cobra" on Youtube. It's a hoot. Nice way to spend a couple of hours if you have a hankering for some total escapism and a very high body count.

Notice how incredibly EVIL the bad guys are in all these movies? Hell, why wouldn't some rather naive people want a big private arsenal at home with visions like that playing in their heads?

09 Feb 13 - 05:30 PM (#3477689)
Subject: RE: BS: 'This Machine Kills Fascists'
From: JohnInKansas

So the guy can't spell Facebookers. It wouldn't have fit on the gun if he'd spelt it all out, although Faceists is the prefered short form.


10 Feb 13 - 10:28 AM (#3477881)
Subject: RE: BS: 'This Machine Kills Fascists'
From: Greg F.

Unfortunately, the U.S. has never had a shortage of idiots, although lately they seem to be a growth industry.

Maybe I should invest in Idiot Futures.