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Kingston Trio Archive

03 Nov 99 - 02:07 PM (#131341)
Subject: Kingston Trio Archive
From: Allan C.

I think I may have shared this in a thread some time ago but thought it worth a headline. The Kingston Trio page which used to be little more than a lyric site now has been improved. One of the improvements is that there is now a Pick of the Week selection available. This is an album cut which is playable through RealPlayer. You can even put in a request for a particular song if you'd like.

Kingston Trio Archive

03 Nov 99 - 02:28 PM (#131346)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Archive
From: Bill Cameron

(Sorry, just have to get this off my chest.)

Heard a vintage CBC radio sound clip last weekend of an interview with the Kingston Trio discussing their version of "Tom Dooley". Don't know who it was, but he first expressed respect for the song, then said "so if you're going to hear it, who wants to hear it sung in some kind of a country yodel on an out-of-tune guitar." Another chimed in: "we made it more pal-at-a-ble for contemporary audiences".

One does feel somewhat foolish wanting to reach into a radio and strangle a thirty-year-old tape recording, but I would have if I could have. Give me Doc Watson's version any day.


03 Nov 99 - 03:06 PM (#131361)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Archive
From: Allan C.

I think few would argue against a statement I have made about the KT many times: "They brought folk music uptown." I don't think they ever tried to pass themselves off as traditionalists. They made their living by "dressing up" folk songs for playing in uptown clubs. I strongly appreciate that they were responsible for introducing folk music to a vast number of people. And, through their recordings, have made me and countless others aware of songs which might otherwise have otherwise remained in obscurity.

On the other hand, I most certainly agree that some songs just sound better the way they were before they were transformed by the KT. I think the "raw" sound of some performers lends a special something to lots of songs.

I am not about to make any excuses for what was said in the interview you cite. But I recognize that the sentiment expressed was totally in keeping with what I sense has been their way of doing things all along.

03 Nov 99 - 04:33 PM (#131398)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Archive
From: Mudjack

Well said Allan .C, your comments get my vote and I must appreciate how you kept the subject on course and not into another "What is Folk Music". The KT and Limeliters simply introduced many of us to the this music form. Can I ever forgive them....? Probably not.

03 Nov 99 - 04:59 PM (#131405)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Archive
From: Roger in Baltimore

I hear the touring KT is down to one original member, Bob Shane. Nick Reynolds has retired.

Roger in Baltimore

03 Nov 99 - 05:48 PM (#131440)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Archive
From: raredance

Down to one original (or semi-original depending on whether you count John Stewart among the originals) is nothing new. Bobbie Shane toured with two "others" (Pat Horine & Jim Conner)in the early 70's and some recordings came out of that. Again in the 80's Shane toured and recorded with (George Grove and Roger Gambil, until the latter's untimely death). Reynolds then came out of retirement and had been travelling (and recording) with Shane & Grove. Recently Reynolds' arthritic hips have severely limited his mobility and Bob Haworth has replace Nick on the tours, although reportedly Nick still shows up for some southern California concerts.

rich r

04 Nov 99 - 05:36 PM (#131870)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Archive
From: Seaross

Briefly in the 80's between Gambil's death and Nick's return, Bob Haworth toured with the group and made one live recording at the Crazy Horse. Earlier in the 80's, with Gambill in the group, they made what I believe were their best recordings since Stewart left "25 years non-stop" (standards) and 'Looking for the sunshine"(mainly new songs or new arrangements). I still enjoy thier style of music on some days and the traditionalists on others or even later the same day. I basically enjoy them all. I would never have gottne interested in all of this without them.

22 Sep 05 - 11:12 PM (#1568927)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Archive
From: ad1943

Wasn't there a Kingston Trio chap named Dave Guard who came out here to Australia to live in the 1960s?

Allen from OZ

22 Sep 05 - 11:40 PM (#1568944)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Archive
From: jimmyt

helluva banjo player Guard was

23 Sep 05 - 05:25 AM (#1569042)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Archive
From: rich-joy

Yes, I think attached to the Kingston Trio site is a sub-section (or link maybe) to that whole other "Dave-Guard-in-Australia" world - makes interesting reading!!!

Also points out that many early folk recordings in Oz had the benefit of Dave playing along - and most often not credited ... plus details of his interesting, innovative, learning/playing music system ...

Cheers! R-J

23 Sep 05 - 05:52 AM (#1569061)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Archive
From: rich-joy

some links re Dave Guard :
= interesting stuff
= LOTSA interesting dave stuff
= dave's tutor on e-bay
= the kingston trio liner notes

Cheers! R-J

23 Sep 05 - 08:04 AM (#1569110)
Subject: RE: Kingston Trio Archive
From: Allan C.

The link given in my original post is no longer viable. They no longer have a recorded Pick of the Week per se. Instead, they encourage you to submit requests to the Folk Alley Radio program. Still, the Kingston Trio Place website is well worth a visit.