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Lyr ADD: Brave Wolfe (Ian & Sylvia version)

03 Nov 99 - 03:19 PM (#131368)

I am looking for the lyrics to Brave Wolf as sung by Ian and Sylvia. There are two versions in the database, however I am not looking for either of those. I would be very grateful if someone could pass these on to me.


03 Nov 99 - 03:50 PM (#131379)
Subject: Brave Wolfe
From: Felipa

I found THREE Gen. Wolfe songs on the Digital Tradition database
and this song in a thread General Wolfe
See also the Brave Wolfe thread
Let us know if any of the lyrics in these links proves helpful

03 Nov 99 - 05:42 PM (#131435)
From: Stewie

I don't have them, but they note that their version comes from 'Canada's Story in Song' edited by Edith Fowke and Allan Mills. It was collected by Elizabeth Greenleaf in Newfoundland in 1929.

Cheers, Stewie.

03 Nov 99 - 05:52 PM (#131443)
From: Stewie

Hang on, I do have them. I just found them in an old Folkways box set 'Canada's Story in Song sung by Alan Mills' which I had forgotten I had. I will post them later on.

Cheers, Stewie.

03 Nov 99 - 07:14 PM (#131480)
Subject: Lyr Add: BRAVE WOLFE (Ian & Sylvia Version)
From: raredance

Aldus, first a little friendly chastisement. I see from one of the linked threads that you posed this very question a year an half ago. Obviously you were not satisfied with the verses you obtained then or have some sort of obsession with the particular lyrics used by Ian & Sylvia. No harm in the latter, it's a fine version and the one I first learned many years ago although I've reshuffled a few lines and verses since then. So if you promise to be happy below are the words used by I & S on the "Northern Journey" album. Most of them are in the DT version or in the linked threads above.

(Ian & Sylvia Version)

I went to see my love, thinking to woo her,
I sat down by her side, not to undo her;
But when I looked on her my tongue did quiver;
I could not speak my mind while I was with her.

Love, here's a diamond ring, long time I've kept it;
All for your sake alone if you'll accept it:
When you this token view, think on the giver;
Madame remember me or I'm undone forever.

Then forth went this brave youth and crossed the ocean:
To free Americay was his intention;
He landed at Quebec with all his party;
The city to attack, both brave and hearty.

Montcalm and this brave youth together walk-ed;
On the plains of Abraham like brothers talk-ed;
Till each one took his post and did retire;
Twas then these numerous hosts commenced their fire.

The drums did loudly beat, with colors flying;
the purple gore did stream, and men lay dying;
Then shot from off his horse, fell that brave hero;
We'll long lament his loss that day in sorrow.

He rais-ed up his head where the guns did rattle;
And to his aid he said,"How goes the battle?"
"Quebec is all our own, they can't prevent it."
He said without a groan, "I die contented."

rich r BRAVE WOLFE (Ian & Sylvia Version)

03 Nov 99 - 07:23 PM (#131483)
From: Stewie

Rich R,

You just beat me to it. I just transcribed the Ian and Sylvia words because the version in the Mills Folkways set bears hardly any resemblance to them. This is passing strange since they both give the same source - Mrs Greenleaf, Newfoundland 1929. Still, it keeps up my typing skills. Wolfe was a balladeer's wet dream – he was young and brave, he was ill and in love and he died on the battlefield at the moment of victory.

Cheers, Stewie.

04 Nov 99 - 09:09 AM (#131643)
From: aldus

Tanks for the assistance. Am I to understand that the same rquest cannot be made more than once lest we be accused of "obsession" ? I had, I think, a valid reason to make a second request. Perhaps the thread police require reasons.

05 Nov 99 - 04:51 AM (#132045)
From: Stewie

On further research, the Ian and Sylvia version is very close to 'Montcalm and Wolfe' collected by Anne and Frank Warner from the singing of 'Yankee' John Galusha, Minerva, New York 1939. Evidently, Frank Warner also recorded it on an album of his called 'Hudson Valley Songs' - cf Duncan Emrich 'American Folk Poetry: An Anthology' Little Brown and Company, Boston and Toronto 1974 pp 419-40. I remain puzzled about the Mrs Greenleaf version reference in the Ian and Sylvia album notes.

Cheers, Stewie.

16 Oct 21 - 11:25 PM (#4123218)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Brave Wolfe (Ian & Sylvia version)

Brave Wolfe is on Genius Lyrics, where you can't copy/paste.

17 Oct 21 - 03:50 AM (#4123224)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Brave Wolfe (Ian & Sylvia version)
From: Joe Offer

The lyrics are above, in the post from Raredance. Here's the Ian & Sylvia recording: