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Westone Thunder 1 Bass

13 May 13 - 02:53 AM (#3514455)
Subject: Westone Thunder 1 Bass Techy
From: GUEST,Peter G

I have recently aquired a Westone Thunder 1 bass guitar (made 1984 I think). The machine head/tuner for the 'G' is broken, has anybody got one? Does anybody know what the varnish/laquer was used? Also, the hardware bridge & knobs have some corrosion, are they solid brass or just coated? The guitar plays well but I don't think it has been cherished over the years.

13 May 13 - 03:12 AM (#3514459)
Subject: RE: Westone Thunder 1 Bass
From: Long Firm Freddie

Hi Peter

Have you tried the Westone Forums?

A quick look seems to confirm that the lacquer is polyurethane based and the bridge and knobs are indeed solid brass.

Couldn't see much about replacement tuners.

Westone Forums

Good hunting!


13 May 13 - 04:33 AM (#3514475)
Subject: RE: Westone Thunder 1 Bass
From: GUEST,Peter G

LFF, thanks for the information, I didn't know there was a Westone forum, I will give it a look see.


13 May 13 - 09:35 AM (#3514558)
Subject: RE: Westone Thunder 1 Bass
From: GUEST,Edwin Datschefski

I bought mine new in 1979, it's been trusty and true, and is still regularly played.

The finish still looks brand new so I'd be astonished if it was nitro!

Yes, nice solid brass hardware.

You've got a good'un there!

13 May 13 - 05:19 PM (#3514728)
Subject: RE: Westone Thunder 1 Bass
From: Long Firm Freddie

You're welcome, PG.

The Matsumoku factory made some fine guitars, including Westone and the sublime Aria Pro II SB1000 bass (I'm biased, I bought one in the early 80s and it's still just as wonderful as when I got it).


I'm sure you'll enjoy your new (to you!) machine just as much as Edwin and I enjoy ours



13 May 13 - 06:51 PM (#3514758)
Subject: RE: Westone Thunder 1 Bass
From: GUEST,Ian Gill

I have a IA Thunder 6 string, made in 1982. Played for years, dropped on concrete Sports Hall floors, rained on at festival gigs, a bit tarnished, like its' owner, but still rock solid. They were a very well built instrument for the money with versatile sounds. The bass versions were always well regarded so I reckon you'll do OK with it. It's not actually worth a deal of money so treat it to 4 new machines is what I'd do, especially if you want to gig with it,
One of the rhythm guitar guys in E2 - maybe Alton ? - used to play skank guitar on one in the late 80's/early 90's.
The Westone forum is very good, for sure. The guitar to look out for in the junk shops/car boots is the 'superstrat' Pantera X390 which was manufactured to a high spec in very small numbers - less than 100, I believe. Anyone out there seen one ?