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Lyr Add: Remember (Irving Berlin)

11 Aug 13 - 07:48 PM (#3548033)
Subject: Lyr Add: Remember (Irving Berlin)
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

(Irving Berlin, 1925)

One little kiss, a moment of bliss, then hours of deep regret
One little smile, and after a while, a longing to forget
One little heartache, left as a token
One little plaything, carelessly broken.

Remember the night
The night you said, "I love you"

Remember you vowed
By all the stars above you

Remember we found a lonely spot
And after I learned to care a lot-

You promised that you'd forget me not
But you forget
To remember.

Into my dreams you wandered it seems, and then there came a day
You loved me too, my dreams had come true, and all the world was May
But soon the maytime turned to December
You had forgotten, do you remember?

Another unforgettable, bittersweet song by Irving Berlin.

I have not seen the sheet music. The above from several lyrics sites.

12 Aug 13 - 02:09 PM (#3548248)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Remember (Irving Berlin)
From: Q (Frank Staplin)

Berlin was married for the second time in 1925, the year this song was written.

His first marriage ended in tragedy. In 1912, he married Dorothy Goetz, who died of typhoid fever, contracted during their honeymoon in Havana. "When I Lost You," his first ballad, spelled out his grief.

His second marriage, to Ellin Mackay, daughter of the head of Postal Telegraph, was over the active objections of father Clarence Maskay. They were inseparable, until her death at age 85 in 1988 (Berlin died age 101).