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Otley FF Song/Music Sessions

18 Aug 13 - 05:15 AM (#3550342)
Subject: Otley FF Song/Music Sessions
From: alanww

I've not been to Otley FF for a good few years.
Can anyone please remind me where all the (fringe?) music and / or song sessions are? Also, where's the action for the Sunday nighters?
"Come all ye bold heroes!"

19 Sep 13 - 03:06 AM (#3559740)
Subject: Otlet folk festival
From: GUEST,bazza

Are there any tune sessions going on ?

19 Sep 13 - 03:50 AM (#3559744)
Subject: RE: Otlet folk festival
From: GUEST,Raggytash

Is this a scaled down version of Otley festival?

19 Sep 13 - 03:57 AM (#3559747)
Subject: RE: Otley folk festival
From: GUEST,David Nuttall , Wakefield

In previous years there have usually been excellent tunes / informal sessions at the WHITE SWAN in the centre of Otley....particularly in the afternoons I think but maybe the evenings too. I hope you enjoy the sessions and the Festival generally. Otley is usually a great and very welcoming festival. It starts TONIGHT until SUNDAY..22nd Sept.


19 Sep 13 - 07:13 AM (#3559786)
Subject: RE: Otlet folk festival
From: Mr Happy

19 Sep 13 - 08:11 AM (#3559800)
Subject: RE: Otlet folk festival
From: r.padgett

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It is Otley anyone for T


19 Sep 13 - 01:03 PM (#3559861)
Subject: RE: Otley FF Song/Music Sessions
From: GUEST,David Nuttall, Wakefield

For Alanww......The Manor in OTLEY is usually a safe bet for fringe music and song sessions both during the day and evening. There are three areas for music including an outside courtyard area. I am sorry I can't advise on the Sunday night action . I am sure you will find what you are looking for and the festival office people are always happy to point you in the right direction. Enjoy your weekend.