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Lyr Add: Thy Kingdom Come (prayer song)

27 Oct 13 - 06:16 AM (#3570429)
Subject: Lyr Add: Thy Kingdom Come (prayer song)
From: wysiwyg

This is based on a song's chorus, a snippet of which I heard on the radio last week sung by "Bill Beaty". When I later heard the full length song, with long verses in addition to the chorus I'd heard, I decided to use just the A and B parts of the chorus tune (and the text theme) to create short verses with a refrain. (I have not been able to find the lyric for the whole song with verses as recorded, to transcribe for completeness, but for now am just posting what we plan to do with the piece as we're adapting it. The verse order will vary according to the occasion.



(C) Susan O. Hinton for The Good News-Goodtime Band

(Intro line):)

Father hear your children's prayer:

Thy Kingdom come... as it is in heaven.
Thy Will be done... our only hope for livin'

1. Till all tears are wiped away,
And the healing waters flow.
Till darkness has turned to dawn--
"Thy Kingdom come."


2. Till children can play in peace,
And mothers your love know.
Till fathers teach Your saving ways--
"Thy Kingdom come."


3. Till justice comes to humankind,
And all colors freedom see.
Till dignity is everyone's--
"Thy Kingdom come."


4. Till the earth reflects your Plan,
And heaven's here and now.
Till we can see Your Face in all--
"Thy Kingdom come."