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Thank You Rick Fielding

29 Oct 13 - 05:15 PM (#3571212)
Subject: Thank You Rick Fielding
From: JedMarum

It was just a little over 13 years ago I took Rick Fielding's advice to me and gave up the day job.

Rick and I were doing a workshop together at the FSGW Getaway in Maryland, when he took me aside prior to the session and said, "What are you wasting your time in that business world for? You've got the chops, you've got the love for it. Get out there and do it!"

I've been working, often "heads down" at it ever since. Gave up a lotta income, but I'm above water and I sure as hell love what I do for a living. So Thank you Rick Fielding and God Bless your memory!

All of this is by long way of introduction to this video clip. I will post other clips as they become available. The film from which it comes will be out next week.

But the short story is, it was one fortunate event after another, beginning with Rick's advice to me that gave me this opportunity; to write and produce the soundtrack for this film. The movie stars Buck Taylor (from Gunsmoke and scores of movies) and Michael Martin Murphey (Wildfire, Carolina in the PInes and loads of others) and it will play on PBS in 2014 (after a run of independent theaters). I prodcued 16 tracks for the film, including two with Murphey ... and as I began to post the link here, I realized that for me, it all started with Mudcat and good advice from my friend, Rick Fielding.

I hope y'all take a look and listen to the Youtube clip and I hope I can post a few more clips, once they become available.

29 Oct 13 - 06:53 PM (#3571238)
Subject: RE: Thank You Rick Fielding
From: gnu


And, bravo for Rick... and for what he did for you.

29 Oct 13 - 07:15 PM (#3571246)
Subject: RE: Thank You Rick Fielding
From: kendall

I'm glad you took his advice!

29 Oct 13 - 08:03 PM (#3571261)
Subject: RE: Thank You Rick Fielding

Fond memories of the Beef Bros at that Getaway and hours of music in the Mudcat Cabin. Seems like yesterday.
Well done,Sir. I look forward to the film.

29 Oct 13 - 11:39 PM (#3571293)
Subject: RE: Thank You Rick Fielding
From: Amos

BEautiful clip, Jed, and a beautiful legacy. Even given Rick's insistent impetus, it took a lot of huevos to make the jump you made. I applaud you.


30 Oct 13 - 06:10 AM (#3571349)
Subject: RE: Thank You Rick Fielding
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Jed - thanks for bringing back the memories. That Getaway when the Beef Brothers performed with Rick Fielding, was magic. I wish you all the best.


30 Oct 13 - 10:55 AM (#3571415)
Subject: RE: Thank You Rick Fielding
From: catspaw49

I'll be billing you for all the hours you have not spent laying about. Also in this endeavor it is once again Rick that you owe.

When it comes to billable hours at Lane, Fielding, Patterson, and Swan***Layabouts -At-Large and For Hire*** Rick is the hands down leader ever since he went belly up. Lane has gotten damn near no hours as he insists upon trying to advance his musical career as well and were he not a charter member, LFPS would be billing him. Swan has slowed down to since he healed up and has even been caught working at his day job and worse yet, interviewed on TV. I'm billing a goodly number of hours for doing nothing for a whole lot of our regular customers. Somewhere down the road a short piece I'll be giving Rick a run for his money!

I figure you owe $97,623.14 for services unrendered. Remember that when doing sweet, damn, all is simply too damn much, call LFPS. At LFPS we do nothing for you. It is the least we can do......the very least.

As to your career, ya' done better than good. And I'm sure Rick would be saying the same.


30 Oct 13 - 11:28 AM (#3571418)
Subject: RE: Thank You Rick Fielding
From: Amergin

I thank Rick every time I hear his voice sing....i thank him for sharing his magic.