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Lyr Add: Adieu to Dear Cambria (tune Llandyfri)

05 Nov 13 - 04:27 PM (#3573130)
Subject: Lyr Add: Adieu to Dear Cambria (tune Llandyfri)
From: Nigel Parsons

English words by A P Graves

Farewell to thee Cymru, farewell! my own mountain,
Farewell! sparkling fountain, green field of my flock!
And woods where in boyhood I wander'd beholding
The heath flow'r unfolding, the ashleaf unlock.
My ship's on the shore, and alas! we must sever;
My grief that I ever should sail the far seas!
Farewell! my fond mother, all mothers excelling,
Adieu! dear old dwelling hid up in the trees.

In hoar ocean's ear how our brook seems to whisper:
"O say shall he prosper; safe home shall he fleet?
With hands full or empty there shall he stand knocking,
Till dear ones come flocking their exile to greet?"
Then let Cymru's breezes, fresh caught from the billow,
Again lull my pillow, again light my cheek;
Until for the long rest I'm ready, I'm ready!
And with my tired body her bosom I seek.

Yn iach i ti Gymru, ffarwel i'th fynyddoedd,
Dy nent ydd grisialog a'th ddolydd diail;
Y coedydd lle treuliais fy ieuanc flynyddoedd,
Lle gwyliais agoriad y blodau a'r dail.
Mae'r llong yn y porth yn disgwyl am danaf,
O gwae i mi feddwl ymadael erioed;
Ffarwel! o'r holl famau, y buraf a'r lanaf,
A'm cartref gwyn annwyl y nghanol y coed.

Fy nwylaw ddychwelant yn llawn neu yn weigion
I agor drws annwyl fy nghartref gwyn draw:
Mae'r afon yn sisial yng nghlust yr hen eigion,
Gan ofyn pa ddiwrnod yn ol a fi ddaw!
O! am dy hen awyr i wrido fy ngruddiau,
A'm hwian fel plentyn i huno mewn hèdd;
A phan y gadawaf hen fŷd y cystuddiau,
Rhwng muriau'r hen fynwent, O torrwch fy mèdd.

X: 1
T: Llandyfri
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
Q: 120
C: Traditional
Z: NP 05/11/2013
K: D
A|d3/2 c/ B A G F| B A G F A F|G (E/F/) G F (D/E/) F|E D C D2 A|d c B A3/2 G/ F|B A G F A F|G (E/F/) G F (D/E/) F|E D C D3/2||A|d3/2 c/ B c2 A/ A/|B e d c A c|d (B/c/) (d/e/) c A c|B A ^G A2 (B/c/)|d3/2 c/ B A G F|B A G F A F|G (E/F/) G F (D/E/) F|E D C D3/2|
w: Fare-well to thee Cym-ru, fare-well! my own moun-tain, Fare-well! Spark-*ling foun-tain, *green field of my flock! And woods where in boy-hood I wan-der'd be-hold-ing The heath flow'r *un-fold-ing, *the ash-leaf un-lock. My ship's on the shore, and a-las! we must sev-er; My grief that *I *ev-er should sail the far seas! Fare-*well! my fond mo-ther, all mo-thers ex-cell-ing, A-dieu! dear *old dwell-ing *hid up in the trees.

Copied from "The National Song Book – vol1" Boosey & Co    p198
English words A P Graves
The music does show a slowing up in bars 3, 7 & 9 but immediately reverting to "in time" in each of the following bars. A further "Slower" is also shown for the final 3 bars.
This is a straight copy from the book with two exceptions:
V2 line 4 '?' added as the words seem to call for it.
'English' version of music taken for the bar "ship's on the shore and a-" for scansion the Welsh version has the crotchet (1/4 note) on 'C' as two quavers, and the two semi-quavers on 'A' as one quaver.
Singers of Welsh songs will quickly note that this scans well to Llwyn Onn/The Ash Grove.


28 Feb 16 - 06:01 PM (#3775613)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Adieu to Dear Cambria (tune Llandyfri)
From: leeneia

Well, Nigel, it took me two and half years to read your PM to me about this song, but I got it done this morning.

This is a beautiful lyric and a beautiful melody. I've made a MIDI of it and will pass it on to my friend who collects and plays Welsh music.

I have two friends who are learning recorder, and this would be a good song for them, too.


01 Mar 21 - 05:26 PM (#4095583)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Adieu to Dear Cambria (tune Llandyfri)
From: Joe Offer

Here's an interesting recording:

04 Mar 21 - 12:41 PM (#4096031)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Adieu to Dear Cambria (tune Llandyfri)
From: leeneia

How times have changed. Three of us, wearing masks, will be playing this later this month. No woodwinds allowed, so I will set the electric piano on FLUTE so I can play too.

It's a lovely tune. I've changed it to 3/4 time so it doesn't look so much like a jig.