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A country music radio show on the net

03 Dec 13 - 05:07 PM (#3581176)
Subject: A country music radio show on the net
From: GUEST,Paul Hazell

It's been a while since I have contributed but I visit the site often.

I wanted to let those of you who enjoy country music know about the show I have been doing now for three years on Uckfield FM, a small FM station in the UK that can be heard around the world on the internet at

The show is called "Paul Hazell's World Of Country" and it is a little different as I cover all eras and genres of country music from the 20s to the present day and from cajun to rockabilly, gospel to bluegrass, Australian Bush Ballads to yodelling and just about anything else inbetween! I include tracks by country performers from USA, Canada, mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand,South africa, etc. The show's purpose is to introduce as many people as possible to the true diversity of country music.

The show goes out on fortnightly Sunday evenings from 9pm-midnight UK time, so that is Sunday afternoon in USA and Canada and Monday morning in Australia and New Zealand. I always welcome listeners offering comments, dedications or feedback and they can do this by emailing the studio at

or by joining in the "chat room" on the station website. I have regulars in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, mainland Europe, Ireland, etc as well as the UK and they often "chat" together during the show.

I also occasionally feature "special" sections on particular artistes or themes. Some of these are available to "Listen Again". Amongst these are a 95 minute interview with the late Slim Whitman and son Byron, 2 x 3 hour shows with Frank Ifield, a show featuring a 90 minutes special on NZ country music, a 90 minute interview with Busker Diane Hunt, a 3 hour show with Australia's Wayne Horsburgh and another with acoustic duo Barber and Taylor.

If you use the following link, you can see some of my recent playlists and find the shows that are available to listen again.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone that is prepared to give it a try and will be pleased to read your comments. Please feel welcome to visit the chat room or email the studio

By the way, it is a community station - I am not paid to present the show, I just love the music!

Thanks to all...Paul

03 Dec 13 - 07:00 PM (#3581206)
Subject: RE: A country music radio show on the net
From: Larry The Radio Guy

Paul, I just looked at your website and your most recent playlist.   Love it! I particularly love the idea of Django Reinhardt being classified as 'country'.

It sounds like a show that fully explores the category of 'country music', and connects it with much of the music that is often admired by mudcatters.

I don't know if I can tune in on Sundays.......but I'd love to listen to one of your 'variety' country shows, as oposed to the specialty ones (eg. interview w. Frank Ifield) that are posted as shows available to listen again.

I end up including a lot of what is frequently referred to as 'country' on my radio program through Peach City Radio in Penticton ( Saidman's Top 200 Albums of All Time.   All the shows are also on a sort of 'pod cast' where you can get them anytime (with new ones on the stream every Saturday at 11 A.M. Pacific Time).

Hope that blue clicky link works.

Let me try it with yours, too.

04 Dec 13 - 03:28 PM (#3581483)
Subject: RE: A country music radio show on the net
From: GUEST,Paul Hazell

thanks Larry. It would be great to have you join us if you can and I will be sure to listen to some of yours. You might find the Ifield items interesting - especially the first one as we followed his influences and career and the people he worked with and idolised. A very wide range.

Yes Django as country takes some imagining but compare what he and Stefan Grapelli did together with the Farr Brothers who recorded with the Sons Of The Pioneers - fiddle and guitar duets! Grapelli also recorded with the king of Dawg music, bluegrass mandolinist David Grisman - their live version of the jazz classic "Sweet Georgia Brown" went down a storm with my listeners!

05 Dec 13 - 12:12 AM (#3581623)
Subject: RE: A country music radio show on the net
From: GUEST,Larry The Radio Guy swing and 'dawg' music are basically 'jazz' genres with country roots.   And even a country song like "You DOn't Know Me" written by Eddie Arnold and Cindy Walker is listed in many jazz 'fake books'.

02 Jul 18 - 12:39 PM (#3934791)
Subject: RE: A country music radio show on the net
From: GUEST,Paul Hazell

Just as an update, "World Of Country" is still on the air, fortnightly on Sundays. Now for admin reasons, it is 9pm-11pm but if the opportunity to revert back to 3 hours arises, I will certainly do so.

There are now more than 30 shows and interviews available to listen on demand and Frank Ifield and I have made a habit of getting together whenever he is in the UK to do another show - every time on a different theme! All these shows are included in the "Listen Again" list.

So catch us one Sunday evening 9pm-11pm on - that is early Monday morning in Australia and New Zealand, Sunday afternoon in USA and Canada and 10pm-midnight Sunday in most of mainland Europe and South Africa. Email me in the studio on or join the chat room to exchange typed comments with listeners around the world.

08 Jul 18 - 05:23 AM (#3936034)
Subject: RE: A country music radio show on the net
From: FreddyHeadey

the "listen on demand" \ "Listen Again" \ "catch up" pages

08 Jul 18 - 01:41 PM (#3936095)
Subject: RE: A country music radio show on the net
From: JMB

Hi Paul,

Do you accept submissions to your show? I write and perform Country songs in my repertoire and you mentioned you include international artists including Canadian. I think it would be nice to send you some music if you're interested.