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Origins: Art Rosenbaum's Goodbye Old Booze

21 Mar 14 - 03:19 PM (#3611625)
Subject: Origins: Art Rosenbaum's Goodbye Old Booze
From: Mik2

Since Art Rosenbaum recorded this for the Elektra label's 'Folk Banjo Styles' album (1962 probably), I don't know how many picked this version up.
It shares some of the lyrics of the song written by Jean Havez, but Art's version seems like a Kentucky variant in the style of Pete Steele.

Does anyone know something about this one ?

The lyrics as I hear them:

   -- Goodbye Old Booze (key of G) --

-Arranged by Art Rosenbaum in "Pete Steele Style"

Oh, it's one of these mornings and it won't be long,
You call my name and it's I'll be gone,
You will call my name and it'll be in vain 'cause (for)
I'll be on some western train.

I'll buy me a ticket in Greenville town,
Get on the train and as I sit down,
Then the wheels will roll and the whistle will blow
And in five more days I'll be at home.

Oh, the pretty little girl that I love so well,
I love her so well no tongue can tell,
She says forget me if you can
For I can't wed a drinkin' man.

Go dig my grave and make it wide,
Place a jug at end and at my side,
Place a forty-four upon my breast,
Go away you girls and let me rest.

Oh, when I die don't you bury me at all,
Just pickle my bones in alcohol,
Place a jug of whiskey at my feet,
Tell all them girls I'm just asleep.

Goodbye old booze forever more,
My boozin' days will soon be o'er,
I loved you long I loved you well,
I hope there is no booze in hell.

What's nice about it is that it has a very happy feeling over it, and it is lightning fast and relaxed at the same time.

23 Mar 14 - 12:12 PM (#3612122)
Subject: Goodbye Old Booze - source/origin ?
From: Mik2

Refer to this topic:

I found the second verse above in Rosenbaum's Mary Lomax book, see tune ' The Rambling Boy '(Laws L12) (last section of the book, not on the CDs).
One version was by Justis Begley at Anglo-American Ballads Vol. 2 (LoC album)
and another by Sue Trotman in 'Art of Field Recording Vol 2 (Dust-to-Digital box). But I don't find them similar.

The LP-only release of Folk Banjo Styles does have quite much liner notes,
but there is no mention of this tune in the text and I haven't found it elsewhere recorded by anyone.

Anyone here at Mudcat that do know where Art Rosenbaum got this tune from ?


06 Jun 15 - 07:18 AM (#3714783)
Subject: RE: Origins: Art Rosenbaum's Goodbye Old Booze
From: GUEST,Rob

I heard a very similar tune played on a three stringed lute, the subu, by a Lisu hill tribesman in 2009. He said it was an old tune from Tibet, the homeland of the Lisu people.

06 Jun 15 - 09:18 AM (#3714794)
Subject: RE: Origins: Art Rosenbaum's Goodbye Old Booze
From: GUEST,#

It looks to me like the song grabbed stanzas from all over everywhere and plunked them in one song.

"Anyone here at Mudcat that do know where Art Rosenbaum got this tune from ?"

Mik2, do you mean tune as in melody or tune as in melody and lyrics together?