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Peggy Seeger interview on Irish radio

15 Sep 14 - 06:05 PM (#3660625)
Subject: Peggy Seeger interview on Irish radio
From: Felipa

I was listening tonight to an interview with Peggy Segger on RTE radio 1. The programme was a repeat originally broadcast in April 2014, and it is still available on archives

16 Sep 14 - 04:38 AM (#3660706)
Subject: RE: Peggy Seeger interview on Irish radio
From: Jim Carroll

We hope to be interviewing Peggy some time next month for two, hour -long radio programmes we are putting together on Ewan MacColl which, hopefully, will be but out on Ireland's Lyric F.M. to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth next January.
Jim Carroll

16 Sep 14 - 05:40 AM (#3660732)
Subject: RE: Peggy Seeger interview on Irish radio
From: Musket

Peggy is doing lots of radio and magazine interviews at present. A good time to try and catch her.

This is due to her new album just having been released so she is contracted by her record company to do the marketing circuit.

Available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

Not a bad album. She has lost much of the unfortunate screeching present in her younger days. Her interviews have less of the political rants she displayed when I interviewed her last (Jan 1985) so it is much nicer to hear her speak of her obvious love for music. Mind you, her "I wrote that not him" lecture regarding some songs is as squirmingly bad as hearing Paul McCartney complain that John Lennon is co credited for lots he wrote.