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Lyr Req: All in Search of You (Stratherne Clague)

25 Sep 14 - 10:45 PM (#3663737)
Subject: Lyr Req: All in search of You
From: GUEST,Darlodave

The above titled song sung by George Welch from Tyneside, maybe wrote by him, looking for the lyrics anyone please.

27 Sep 14 - 11:13 PM (#3664186)
Subject: Lyr Add: ALL IN SEARCH OF YOU (Stratherne Clague)
From: Jim Dixon

YouTube has two recordings: a studio recording and a performance video. This is my transcription:

As sung by George Welch

I have shivered in the arctic cold,
Burned for Afrikaners' gold,
Done some things which can't be told,
But none the less are true.
I have steered by the Milky Way,
Anchored off in Table Bay,
Tramped the road to Mandalay
In search of something new.

CHORUS: I have waltzed with the satin girls,
Danced with the Latin girls,
Kissed the Manhattan girls—
Well, maybe one or two.
I have walked with the city girls,
Talked with the pretty girls,
Smiled with the witty girls,
And all in search of you.

I've been partners with a China man,
Never known a finer man,
Never met a kinder man,
From here to Kathmandu.
I've hunted whale and polar bear,
Lived a life so free of care,
Slung my hammock anywhere
In search of something new. CHORUS

I've seen pygmies; I've seen Eskimos,
Burning deserts, cold ice floes,
Places where God only knows,
But now those days are through.
No more Cathay and no more Rome,
No more battling o'er the foam,
Quite content to stay at home
Now that I've found you. CHORUS

28 Sep 14 - 07:02 AM (#3664214)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: All in Search of You (George Welch)
From: GUEST,Darlodave

Thanks a lot Jim. Made my day.

13 May 16 - 05:46 AM (#3790016)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: All in Search of You (George Welch)

Song is credited to Stratherne Clague on George's recent recording 'Warts and All' (well worth a listen)

A wee search and you'll find Strath died ~10 years ago - but you can still find his songs online.

13 May 16 - 05:53 AM (#3790018)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: All in Search of You (George Welch)
From: Raggytash

It's on the Hooky Matt Record Label HMR022