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Chord Req: D or DADGAD?

18 Nov 14 - 04:44 PM (#3678195)
Subject: Chord Req: D or DADGAD?
From: lefthanded guitar

I am once again (valiantly ) going to try to 'properly' play Dylan's Buckets of Rain, which I usually play in a standard tuning. According to the internet, this song is played in a D tuning; tho I originally thought it was played in DADGAD. Which leads me to ask two questions,if anyone knows:

Do you play it in d tuning? and where can I find the 'proper' D tuning chords for this song?

What the Hxxx is DADGAD used for then anyways? Do you use it??

Thank you,   I will now start tuning down the spare guitar (little Gibson) and give it a try.

18 Nov 14 - 04:53 PM (#3678198)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: D or DADGAD?
From: Phil Cooper

I play in DADGAD a lot. Mostly because I liked the sound for some modal tunes I like to play and secondly I became too lazy to try a retune to standard when hanging around song circles. I got used to playing in most any key with it. I know some DADGAD advocates that act like it was a tuning handed down by the druids in an ancient ritual, but that's nonsense. I believe if Dylan was playing in D tuning he might have been in DADF#AD. That was used by many blues players. Joni Mitchell also used it a lot. Any tuning is a tool you can use. Standard gives you a lot of versatility. Other tunings can sound great, but are limiting. I like working around limitations, but would not say anyone's preference was superior to anyone else's.

18 Nov 14 - 04:55 PM (#3678199)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: D or DADGAD?
From: Phil Cooper

If you're looking for chords in any tuning I believe there are now websites that have many of them. I came up with my own sheets for workshops and teaching lessons, in the days before the internet.

18 Nov 14 - 05:29 PM (#3678208)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: D or DADGAD?
From: GUEST,Bignige

I personally dislike DADGAD, one song maybe but after that everything sounds the same. Its a great tuning to make you sound more proficient than you really are and there's nothing wrong with that. As far as Buckets of Rain is concerned, try standard tuning with a capo on 4th fret but leave the 6th string open. You will need a Shubb capo to do it, but I think it works it works better than dropped D

18 Nov 14 - 07:38 PM (#3678225)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: D or DADGAD?
From: GUEST,gillymor

Click here for the tab in Open D plus lyrics and chords. I've always played it in Drop D which makes it easier to add bluesy little runs, for me anyway.