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salmon cd

19 Mar 15 - 04:40 PM (#3695334)
Subject: salmon cd
From: GUEST,mg

we are finally getting around to doing this. most slots have been reserved for has been that long. but there are some special slots left...of a more international flavor. if you have a song in norwegian, icelandic, irish, from scotland, england, wales..wherever..russia, korea, new zealand...and if you are interested in being on a cd which you will not get royalties for..we just can not do it...please send me a pm.

If you have one from North America..Canada, US, (especially east coast) other countries..we might be able to squeeze a couple in so let me know. Must be appropriate for children (some of the best ones are not), no copyrights unless writer is dead or some estate deal. You can buy at cost and resell at your events.

Two is April 15, same as tax day. Song should be in good condition, and pass muster through our sound engineer. Loving hands at home are fine if it passes muster. Lots of hisses and jet engines in background are not... next deadline a little more fluid but iwthin several months..let's say 4 months from now. We have this little burst of energy now and can get something in. Will put out something ASAP in time for FOlklife end of May and Mystic early June. Then will put out the rest of songs, assemble in nice jacket etc as 2 cd set. Lots of great songs.

19 Mar 15 - 04:49 PM (#3695335)
Subject: RE: salmon cd
From: GUEST,mg

here is one i must have...does anyone know these guys? I am in musical love and declare this a perfect rendition song