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Question about TAB

30 Nov 99 - 08:43 AM (#142572)
Subject: Question about TAB
From: alison

found this on the "help" page...... thought it belonged in the forum

Subject: NO Problem, Question about Tablatures From: john robert Date: 28-Nov-99 - 11:27 PM


I just registered at your site. Could you tell me where you keep tablatures for blues and folk music. I'm a beginning guitarist and would like to lean the blues/folk style.

Thanks for your help.

John Harper Laguna Niguel, CA EMAIL DAYS

30 Nov 99 - 10:14 PM (#142951)
Subject: RE: Question about TAB
From: Roger in Baltimore


This site does not have tablature. The DigiTrad Database has lyrics and frequently a once through melody line. You may want to try some other sites. For Country and Western based folk (there is some overlap) you can try CLICK HERE For more pop oriented songs (again much overlap) you might try, CLICK HERE. You can search there and then go to their mirror sites and often find tablature along with chords and lyrics.

Good luck with the music. And if you have a particular song in mind, you can post a LYR AND CHORDS REQ thread with the song title and someone is likely to help you out.

Roger in Baltimore