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Old Songs 2015

25 Jun 15 - 09:52 AM (#3718889)
Subject: Old Songs 2015
From: Susan of DT

I was sure we had a thread for this, but could not fine one.

The weather is looking terrible for the weekend. Two and a quarter inches of rain Saturday and Sunday starting late Saturday afternoon and going through Monday morning, at 100% probability most of that time. I am glad we are not bringing CAMSCO. We will probably come, but might leave Sunday morning, if it is bad. Of course, the forecast might be all wrong...

Looking forward to seeing Sheila Kay, Brian Peters, Murray Callahan, etc.

26 Jun 15 - 08:17 AM (#3719027)
Subject: RE: Old Songs 2015
From: bbc

I hadn't noticed a thread, Susan. Great line-up, this year, regardless of weather! I checked a few weather sites. As usual, they disagree. Might not be too bad. At least, it won't be too hot, this year! I am really looking forward to seeing Sheila Kay, Joe Bruchac, Andrew & Noah Band, & the Amidons, as well as my many friends in the folk community! I love this festival! I hope everyone will drop by the Folk Legacy booth & give some support to the music!



26 Jun 15 - 08:27 AM (#3719029)
Subject: RE: Old Songs 2015
From: FreddyHeadey

To save other UK mudcatters googling... This is in the USA
Altamont is located approximately 10 miles west of Albany, NY

26 Jun 15 - 08:56 AM (#3719033)
Subject: RE: Old Songs 2015
From: bbc

Sorry about that! Thanks, Freddy!


26 Jun 15 - 09:39 AM (#3719037)
Subject: RE: Old Songs 2015
From: Sean Belt

Wish I could be at Old Songs or Indiana Fiddlers Gathering either one this weekend. They both look to be soggy but fun. Unfortunately, I'm on call for my day job and have to stay near the homestead.

Wait'll next year!


30 Jun 15 - 05:49 PM (#3720109)
Subject: RE: Old Songs 2015
From: bbc

Brief report on the 2015 Old Songs Fest in Altamont, New York, USA. Other than the weather, which was cool & rainy, it was a great weekend! Wonderful performers & the usual chance to catch up with old friends! A couple of items of bad news--If I got it correct, John Roberts wasn't able to come because he broke his hip. Peter Amidon was ill & also was unable to come. A few of the regulars were not there, as far as I know: animaterra, Jeri, kendall & jacqui, the chucks. You were missed!

Folks I did see: Caroline Paton & Duane D. at Folk Legacy, Dave Ruch, dick greenhaus & Susan of DT, Jeff Davis, Reggie Harris, Charlie Baum, Joy Bennett & Chris Koldewey, hollowfox, & Don Meixner.

Of the performances, I particularly enjoyed:
the shape note singing with Stefan Amidon
the gospel sing with Sheila Kay Adams, Mary Alice & Stefan Amidon, Ken Whiteley, & Brother Sun
the blues session w/ Martin Grosswendt, Ken Whiteley, Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand, & Joel Mabus
"Songs that Pete Wrote" w/ Matt Watroba, Magpie, Greg Greenway, & Todd Crowley

I was sorry to miss hearing Brian Peters, but I followed Sheila Kay Adams all weekend, from a workshop on singing w/ banjo to "Where Folk meets Mountain" w/ Matt Watroba to "Family Stories" w/ Joe Bruchac to the gospel sing to "Poetry to Song" w/ Murray Callahan, Ellis, & a sweet woman who subbed for Anne Hills, who was, also, unable to attend.

My last session was sitting by Sheila Kay, singing along w/ Matt Watroba in "Let's All Sing Together." What a great way to end a great weekend!