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Warwick festival

16 Jul 15 - 09:11 AM (#3724003)
Subject: Warwick festival
From: sleepyjon

I'm thinking of checking this out with a visit on the Friday (to see if it's an alternative to Towersey for the annual family get together if Towersey turns out to be too different this year). Should be fun doing the research!

Any views, anyone?

Is there stuff in the town as well as on the site? (Personally I'm into sessions - singing ones preferably.)

All information welcome (please!)


16 Jul 15 - 11:07 AM (#3724036)
Subject: RE: Warwick festival
From: GUEST,Rich A

Warwick is one of my favourite festivals. Sessions in the pubs, late night sings in the fantastic beer tent and usually a great line up. Very family friendly too.


16 Jul 15 - 01:04 PM (#3724081)
Subject: RE: Warwick festival
From: sleepyjon

Thanks, Rich - does a day ticket get me into the beer tent "late night" (how late?)? - and which pubs feature?


16 Jul 15 - 03:43 PM (#3724130)
Subject: RE: Warwick festival
From: Noreen

Warwick Folk Festival is my favourite festival- I love lots of others but Warwick is the only one I'd never miss.
You won't get the full effect just coming for the day though, SJ- you need to spend a day in town and in the pubs, and a day round the site, drifting between concerts, workshops, ceilis and stalls and just sitting outside a marquee and watching and listening to the folky world go by.
Lots of similarities to Towersey, so I expect you'll love it.
Definitely family friendly- I've been going with my children since they were little and they now bring their own friends and wife :)

17 Jul 15 - 01:23 PM (#3724358)
Subject: RE: Warwick festival
From: Mr Red

The Warwick site is contained, but town, Saturday, is a-buzz. The sessions in town have moved around a lot so not sure where they will be, especially on Friday, and usually music.

Friday has two ceilidhs, one in the afternoon. Official singaround in one venue. Workshops start on Saturday. There are camping possibilities at the Race Course - though the year I tried them they were fully booked before this stage. And not very personable over the phone.

I suspect the new Towersey will be a lot like it is at Warwick, single site, town a decent walk. But I suspect (more than) Thame is lot more nobby and less inviting, it is the impression I get being a dormatory suburb of London!

if you spot a flash of  red  - say hello.

17 Jul 15 - 05:59 PM (#3724408)
Subject: RE: Warwick festival

IF you think that London commuters count as "nobby" you must have one hell of an inferiority complex.

18 Jul 15 - 02:20 AM (#3724465)
Subject: RE: Warwick festival
From: Mr Red

troll alert

18 Jul 15 - 05:21 AM (#3724498)
Subject: RE: Warwick festival
From: GUEST,Bignige

Mr Red alert!!

19 Jul 15 - 06:30 AM (#3724732)
Subject: RE: Warwick festival
From: Mr Red

 Mr Red  is very alert. He could spot a troll at Warwick a mile off. Fortunately they are few and far between (the ears that is), and he is on gate duties!