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Martin's new Guitar Strings

03 Dec 99 - 01:10 AM (#144022)
Subject: Martin's new Guitar Strings
From: lloyd61

New Martin Guitar Strings

For years I have used Martin Marquis, Lights. Then the last time I place my order for new strings from Sun Music in Nashville Arkansas, Dannis suggested I try a new Martin sting call Studio / Performance Series.

They are great! They seam to be the same as the Marquis except the low E and B are Bronzed Steel.


Low E Bronzed Steel .012

B Bronzed Steel .016

G Bronzed Wound .025

D Bronzed Wound .032

A Bronzed Wound .042

E Bronzed Wound .054

What is the life? I'm not sue. I'll open a thread when I feel it is time to change the strings.

03 Dec 99 - 07:38 PM (#144372)
Subject: RE: Martin's new Guitar Strings
From: BobLusk

I love them too.

05 Dec 99 - 09:35 AM (#144916)
Subject: RE: Martin's new Guitar Strings
From: Brad Sondahl

What are bronzed steel? Is it steel wire that is coated with bronze, instead of wrapped with it? What is the advantage? Less squeek from fingersliding?

05 Dec 99 - 11:18 AM (#144940)
Subject: RE: Martin's new Guitar Strings
From: Alan Francis

Second (abbreviated) posting - the first got lost in the ether

They last, and last and last.

I've had a set on my D18 for 6 months, and on a Simon&Patrick SP06CED for 10 months! Both in regular use.

I usually change my strings at least every three months, whether they need it or not.

When CFM&Co find out how long they last, thay'll probably stop making them, or double the price.