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Origins: Little Johnny Brown

18 Nov 15 - 07:22 PM (#3751944)
Subject: ADD: Little Johnny Brown
From: Joe Offer

I haven't found much information on this play-party song. What can we come up with? These are the lyrics we have in the Rise Again Songbook:


Little Johnny Brown
Spread your comfort [blanket] down (repeat)

Fold one corner, Johnny Brown
Fold another corner, Johnny Brown (3x)

Take it to your lover [Give it to your friend now]… (4x)
Show him [her] your motions [Make a little motion]… (4x)
Float [look, hop] like a buzzard… (4x)

——trad. (African-Amer party song)

On Bessie Jones Put Your Hand on Your Hip, Ella Jenkins Little Johnny Brown, Linda Tillery & the Cultural Heritage Choir Say Yo' Business, Sandy & Carolyn Paton I've Got a Song!

Circle singers, put blanket/towel on the floor, spread & fold it, & give it away. Next person floats like a buzzard into the
circle & begins again.

19 Nov 15 - 12:50 PM (#3752118)
Subject: RE: Origins: Little Johnny Brown
From: GUEST,#

Click the More button. May take some copy-paste translation, but it's a start.