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A Celebration of Graeme Miles

15 Dec 15 - 06:53 AM (#3758509)
Subject: A Celebration of Graeme Miles, Middlesbrough
From: GUEST,Hartlepool Folk Festival

12 February, Middlesbrough Town Hall

Join the Unthanks, the Young'uns and the Wilsons, plus special guests Eliza Carthy and the Keelers, in a fantastic evening celebrating the music of Teesside legend Graeme Miles.

Graeme Miles was a one-man folk tradition, and one of the finest songwriters of his generation. A contemporary of Ewan MacColl, Miles wrote hundreds of songs about Teesside, finding poetry and beauty in the industrial landscape of Middlesbrough and the surrounding Cleveland hills and dales. With many of his songs still to be unearthed, and many of today's folk exponents keen to shine further light on his work, Graeme Miles' legacy burns brightly.

Following Graeme Miles' passing in 2013, The Unthanks, Wilsons and Young'uns committed to biennial concerts to celebrate and explore his work, and to raise money for the Graeme Miles Bursary. The bursary (in association with EFDSS) provides development opportunities for young North East artists.

A second concert, with a slightly different lineup, takes place at Band on the Wall in Manchester on 13 February.

Tickets would make a great Christmas present! The proceeds of both events will be shared between the Graeme Miles Bursary and the Redcar Steelworkers' Fund, a cause close to the hearts of all the performers.
Buy tickets here

15 Dec 15 - 10:54 AM (#3758554)
Subject: RE: A Celebration of Graeme Miles
From: GUEST,Ian

I was interested in the Band on the Wall concert until I discovered tickets were for 'standing'. I suppose that will ensure a younger audience. Shame.

15 Dec 15 - 03:25 PM (#3758609)
Subject: RE: A Celebration of Graeme Miles

If you can get to Middlesbrough, it's a seated concert.

22 Feb 19 - 11:30 AM (#3978387)
Subject: RE: A Celebration of Graeme Miles
From: GUEST,Keith Stephens

Was it Mr Miles who wrote
"The Bride she was a Foundry Lass ..the Groom he was a Moulder
He turned up at the wedding with a shovel on his shoulder
And she still had her goggles on.....and a headscarf on her head
cant remember the rest
The chorus went                                                 "They didnt throw confetti, they didnt throw no rice
They threw nuts & screws and a moulders tools
And a workshops old steel vice
Anyone know the full version??

22 Feb 19 - 06:26 PM (#3978444)
Subject: RE: A Celebration of Graeme Miles
From: Mick Pearce (MCP)

Keith - yes it was Graeme Miles. The song is called The Moulder's Wedding and I would have thought we had a copy here on Mudcat, but I didn't find it on a quick search. In the meantime here's a link to Dick Grainger singing it on youtube: The Moulder's Wedding.

If I remember I'll post the words sometime.