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Open C tuning CGCGCE

28 Jan 16 - 05:00 PM (#3768903)
Subject: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: The Maverick

Any aficionados of Open C tuning CGCGCE here? I find that if the bottom string is tuned to C then when fretted at the most frequent 5th fret position, then the not is too sharp, and have worked out a compromise of slightly flat when open and a smidgen sharp when fretted. Anyone solved it any other way?

Wondering about a fan-fretted guitar to overcome the issue?

28 Jan 16 - 05:09 PM (#3768904)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: GUEST,#

One solution might be to use a heavier gauge string on the bass E string that you have tuned down to C.

28 Jan 16 - 05:12 PM (#3768905)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: The Maverick

Have tried but made no difference.

28 Jan 16 - 05:17 PM (#3768909)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: GUEST,#

What kind of guitar are you using for this, M?

28 Jan 16 - 05:24 PM (#3768912)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: The Maverick

Lowden 010

28 Jan 16 - 05:49 PM (#3768924)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: GUEST,#

Nice guitar. I think you'll just have to control how much power your finger(s) apply to the bass string, and in time with attention to that particular string it should become second-nature on that guitar in that tuning. There's a video here and if you look at the fellow hitting the sixth string with his thumb, he must have backed of the pressure and the same when he uses his political finger because he's not making the note go sharp.

I play often in both open D and double drop D and I have to be careful even then. I hope someone comes along with a better answer than mine. Sorry I can't be of real help to you.

28 Jan 16 - 07:42 PM (#3768946)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: GUEST,Fyldeplayer

Even with a wonderful Fylde Oberon the 'slight pressure' technique had to be employed, although i usually played caopo 2 to play in D. Very kindly taught to me one night after Aylesbury folk club by the guest - Dave Walters.
I have recently acquired at ridiculous 2nd hand price a 12 fret Chinese Recording King ROS16 which seems to take drop turnings very well - in fact it's putting my Fylde and Martin to shame!

29 Jan 16 - 04:42 AM (#3769014)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: GUEST,Richard

To Fyldeplayer: as one Oberon fan to another, I think the fact that it has a short scale is the problem in low tunings. The tuning discrepancy seems to be less noticeable on long scale guitars - Dreadnoughts etc.Is the Recording King a 25 and a half inch scale length?
If I played in C tuning regularly (for anything other than my own pleasure!) I would use heavier strings and/or save up for another guitar.

29 Jan 16 - 08:42 AM (#3769087)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: GUEST,Stuart E

I play almost exclusively in CGCGCC (I drop tune the top E string as well) on a Taylor "Big Baby" I bought about 10 years ago. I don't find any intonation issues when using a fairly ordinary set of medium-gauge strings -- which surprises me given the Big Baby's 15/16 length scale.

I'd suggest a combination of not fretting too hard and heavier strings may help.

29 Jan 16 - 10:39 AM (#3769103)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE

I tried a fan fretted guitar yesterday something I had never heard of and didn't realise what it was until I put it down and looked back across the room at it. What struck me was the tension on the bottom string in open C compared to what I am used to.

29 Jan 16 - 11:39 AM (#3769120)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: skarpi

no problem at all with tuning my guitar in open C ...
maybe it´s the neck it self or the bridge ...

I have 20 year old Seagull played on every day ...:)

good luck ...

all the best Skarpi ...P.s I have also 49 year old Yamaha SA 50 and no problem on him either ...

29 Jan 16 - 12:07 PM (#3769126)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: gillymor

I have an old Lowden that I mostly use for tune backup in Drop-D and I use a medium string set on it but, as # suggests, I substitute a heavier string on the Low-D (.060) and it takes the flab out nicely so I can hit it pretty hard without a lot of fret rattle and no tuning problems. It hasn't affected my guitar's neck adversely but you might want to check with Lowden beforehand if you go this route.
I also use a DADGAD set (D'Addario EJ24 with a .056 on low-D) on another instrument for playing in that tuning.

I've never played a fan fret but with longer strings on the bass side you will increase string tension on the low side.

29 Jan 16 - 03:43 PM (#3769178)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: GUEST,Musket

Fan fret could help in the tempering but might just move the problem along.

I increasingly use my carbon fibre Rainsong for dropped tunings as the neck will not move at all, and have found Martin 12.5 strings to be of benefit. If I put 13s on, I can drop the whole thing to baritone BEADF#B without wobble, but less volume than my baritone Alvarez.

Neck movement is, according to George Lowden, a huge contributing factor in tempering issues with dropped tunings.

29 Jan 16 - 05:04 PM (#3769191)
Subject: RE: Open C tuning CGCGCE
From: Stanron

Take the guitar to a luthier. It might need a set up, a new saddle, a tweak on the truss rod or something more or less invasive. It should not be playing sharp at the fifth fret. Only with the guitar in their hands could a professional know what the actual problem is.