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Nova Scotia folk circles or clubs?

13 Feb 16 - 06:36 PM (#3772501)
Subject: Nova Scotia folk circles or clubs?
From: 4ADiva

Planning a trip to Nova Scotia for the fall and I'm trying to find folk clubs or circles with participatory music. I can find tons of music to LISTEN to, but nothing about places to share music. Surely there must be groups who get together regularly to share music in a casual setting.
I'm a member of the Vancouver Folk Song Society and we have events at least once a month where we sit in a circle and everyone gets a turn to sing or play. That's basically what I'm looking for. Or it could be something like a club where there's a feature act but there are floor singers beforehand.

13 Feb 16 - 07:21 PM (#3772509)
Subject: RE: Nova Scotia folk circles or clubs?
From: FreddyHeadey

Personal rec's will be best but, in case you've not seen it already, there might be some links here...
Helen Creighton Folklore Society

13 Feb 16 - 08:30 PM (#3772518)
Subject: RE: Nova Scotia folk circles or clubs?
From: GUEST,HiLo

You might try looking up The Red Shoe Pub in Mabou Cape Breton. also, there used to be gatherings at The Church in Broad Cove , Lunenburg County. I am not sure if they still have them. county Libraries sometimes have listing, check out their web sites. sorry not to be of more help, good luck and enjoy, it is truly beautiful place.

13 Feb 16 - 10:03 PM (#3772534)
Subject: RE: Nova Scotia folk circles or clubs?

The Red Shoe is a performance venue, with primarily instrumental (fiddle) music. Songs would more often be in Gaelic than English. There's a lot of "sitting in" and jamming, but it's fiddle music, which is what Cape Breton is known for.

There are a bunch of talented singer/songwriters south of there, in the St. Peter's area, but there aren't any regular get-togethers that I know of.

There's a Highland Guitar Society that was meeting one Sunday a month, but I'm not sure if it's currently active; haven't heard anything from them in awhile.

As far as sing-alongs and song circles, you may find them on the mainland. Lunenburg has a terriic folk festival in August, so there may be something of the sort in that area. Good luck!

My info may be out of date. Paging George Seto . . .

13 Feb 16 - 10:41 PM (#3772542)
Subject: RE: Nova Scotia folk circles or clubs?

Hey folks and folkies, I know a lot of musicians in the Halifax area but I live in Fredericton, New Brunswick. If you drive through NB, there's a great music circle in Fredericton each Wednesday 7pm to 10pm. You will get a turn if you want or you can listen. A most extrordinary group of great people. It is called JY's Music Circle and in January celebrated a 5th birthday. I know about music circles because my music circle is into its 36th year. JY's music is a public circle, exactly what you describe. I can give you more info if you want. (Fredericton is only four hours from Halifax - closer than Cape Breton)

31 Mar 24 - 07:49 PM (#4200169)
Subject: RE: Nova Scotia folk circles or clubs?
From: FreddyHeadey

Here are a few more leads

Mike Little's Music Cape Breton pages
formerly "Cape Breton Musical Choices"
-'Helping our musicians since 1998'.
",,, Musical and Cultural information covering
all of Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia, Canada."

Diary page
By region
& check for festivals; accommodation; ,,,

Rise Up And Sing
Singalongs & Song Circles - Canada

Primarily used by instrumentalists but worth checking if there are any mixed or singing sessions or might give some leads.

Might be worth asking for suggestions on some Facebook pages,,,
Nova Scotia Musician Forum
(search for 'folk',,,

Atlantic Canada Music & Events ( Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I., NFLD )
(search for 'folk',,,

Open Mics In Nova Scotia
(search for 'folk',,,

04 Apr 24 - 06:08 PM (#4200407)
Subject: RE: Nova Scotia folk circles or clubs?
From: FreddyHeadey

^^ guest EJL mentioned JY's Music-Circle

It's still active.*

Wednesday evenings   

Fredericton City Club
20 Trius Drive (@ 830 Hanwell Rd)
[google maps has this building as 20 Trius Drive
the club says 830 Hanwell Rd]
NB E3B 6A2(?), Canada
coordinates 45.9536175, -66.6824312

*facebook thread