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2006 'Frost and Fire' Concert

28 Mar 16 - 08:26 PM (#3781950)
Subject: 2006 'Frost and Fire' Concert
From: GUEST,Brian Grayson

I can't find the title of the 6th song on the recording - the one between 'Reaphook and Sickle' and 'The Jacobstowe Wassail'. Any assistance, please? The concert is a ripper!

28 Mar 16 - 11:41 PM (#3781984)
Subject: tracks: Holy Heathens & The Old Green Man
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Brian -
Gee, I can't find any listing for the Frost and Fire concert. 'Reaphook and Sickle' and 'The Jacobstowe Wassail' appear on an album titled Holy Heathens and the Old Green Man. I wonder if one of these could be the song you seek:

Notes: This is an album that Waterson:Carthy have been wanting to make for a very long time. Songs and carols celebrating all the seasons of the year is a very English concept. The Watersons first album in 1965 was the groundbreaking, highly revered and very successful "Frost & Fire" - A Calendar of Ritual and Magical Songs," and the concept continues to fascinate them. With "Holy Heathens & The Old Green Man" Waterson Carthy have eclipsed even that seminal album. These songs celebrate the diversity of the seasons as well as the religious, physical and economic impact each had upon people's lives and still resonate today with all the power they had in our past.

    New Year Carol - Residue
    Sugar Wassail
    St George
    May Song
    Christ Made A Trance
    The Falling Tear
    Cherry Tree Carol
    Reaphook And Sickle
    Jack Frost
    While Shepherds Watched
    On Christmas Day It Happened So
    Time To Remember The Poor
    Jacobstowe Wassail
    Awake Awake
    Jolly Old Hawk

28 Mar 16 - 11:44 PM (#3781985)
Subject: Tracks: Watersons 'Frost and Fire' LP
From: Joe Offer

And here are the tracks from the Frost and Fire album:

    Here We Come A-Wassailing
    The Derby Ram
    Jolly Old Hawk
    Pace-Egging Song
    Seven Virgins (The Leaves Of Life)
    The Holly Bears A Berry
    Earsdon Sword Dance Song
    John Barleycorn
    Harvest Song: We Gets Up In The Morn
    Souling Song
    Christmas Is Now Drawing Near At Hand
    Herod And The Cock
    Wassail Song

28 Mar 16 - 11:47 PM (#3781986)
Subject: RE: 2006 'Frost and Fire' Concert
From: Reinhard

It's on the YouTube video #MC50 : Waterson:Carthy "Frost & Fire Live" 2006 posted by Kev Boyd in his Martin Carthy blog. The notes to the video say it's called "The Quern Song", and it's sung by The Devil's Interval with Emily Portman in lead.

I found lyrics somewhere on the net where it is called "Never Be Still (Harvest Song)", the words are attributed to Alfred Perceval Graves.

These are the actual words Emily sings:

Maids at morn, grind the good corn
Each in her mill, with a will
In go the oats, wheats and pearly barley
Down in a shower falls the flour

Winding strong, grinding all day long
Round, round and around goes the mill
Grinding turn about till the meal is out
Must never ever stand still

Those hands that are the strongest
Will find a welcome here
And they who work the longest
Shall earn the best cheer

repeat chorus

28 Mar 16 - 11:48 PM (#3781987)
Subject: RE: 2006 'Frost and Fire' Concert
From: Joe Offer

Also...this Martin Carthy discography may help.

29 Mar 16 - 02:20 AM (#3781995)
Subject: RE: 2006 'Frost and Fire' Concert
From: GUEST,Reinhard

It did help, Joe; I just read Kev's posting on the 2006 Frost and Fire concert some time ago so I had an unfair advantage in knowing what to search for ;-)

29 Mar 16 - 04:45 AM (#3782004)
Subject: RE: 2006 'Frost and Fire' Concert
From: GUEST,Brian Grayson

Danke schoen, Reinhard!

And thanks also to everyone else - I already have the other records, ta.