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Lyr Req: It's Bad, You Know (R. L. Burnside)

07 Dec 99 - 10:26 PM (#146346)
Subject: haunting blues melody

Hello blues lovers

Help me find the name of this haunting blues song I heard while driving like a madman through the back roads of Texas a month ago en route to Denver at midnight. The song had a haunting quality to it not unlike the first time we heard The Royal Scam (Steely Dan) in the seventies.

Starting with a medium tempo...drums only for the intro for the first minute or so...then add a little keyboard...not note or so each give it some chordal structure...then a few more measures...then one soft haunting note from a harmonica...again not much...maybe one note per measure...and then the vocalist would 'say'..."Didn't want to have to tell ya (or tell ya)"...he'd say it maybe once every four is six or seven minutes long...little reverb (but not live) song...old singer...sort of like Hooker...but more clear (half the time you can't understand Hooker!)...Pulled into a Dalhart truck stop called the dj at some public radio station...she was stoned...immaculate...couldn't remember what she played thirty minutes ago!!!

Anyway its haunted me and no radio station in Denver knows...

Help! Wade in Denver

08 Dec 99 - 07:42 AM (#146458)
Subject: RE: haunting blues melody
From: Neil Lowe

...I haven't a clue, but if you ever find out, please share. Bare-bones arrangements such as your description suggests are precisely my cup of coffee.


08 Dec 99 - 10:39 AM (#146535)
Subject: RE: haunting blues melody

I think you are referring to a song called "It's Bad, You Know" by R.L. Burnside. It's on a CD called "Come On In". Really great stuff. It took me awhile to find this one myself.


08 Dec 99 - 10:44 AM (#146538)
Subject: RE: haunting blues melody
From: Roger the skiffler

I don't know this track but Burnside's mentor was Fred MacDowell and his records came out on the Fat Possum label so how could he go wrong?

08 Dec 99 - 10:48 AM (#146541)
Subject: RE: haunting blues melody
From: bseed(charleskratz)

Wade: "Immaculate" or "inarticulate"? "Stoned" goes a bit more with the latter. Bi-i-ig grin.

Thanks for bringing it up--I love the stark, haunting stuff myself.


I hope you realize that by posting a gentle cap, I'm saving you from an initiation humiliation (all in good spirits, of course) from the keyboard of our official greeter Catspaw.

08 Dec 99 - 12:49 PM (#146605)
Subject: RE: haunting blues melody
From: Noah Zacharin

any of r.l. burnside's stuff will shake your soul. try a dose of his labelmate junior kimbrough for good measure.