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Lyr Add: Last Words (Mark Graham)-(all your stuff)

22 May 16 - 02:48 AM (#3791478)
Subject: Lyr Add: Last Words (Mark Graham)
From: Joe Offer

On the "In Harmony's Way" Facebook page, somebody posted a link to a YouTube recording by a duet called Four Shillings Short:

The name of the songwriter was cut off the beginning of the performance, but the songwriter wrote a lot of songs that were recorded by the Austin Lounge Lizards. That led me to near certainty that the song was written by Mark Graham. Am I right? Please correct me gently if I'm wrong. Mark's Website is - I don't find any mention of the song there.

I found lyrics posted here:

    Please post corrections if you have any, and I'll incorporate them into this post.

    (Mark Graham)

    The curtain of darkness is falling
    and my friends are all here at my side
    Are those the sweet voices of angels
    as I rise on that heavenly tide?
    All hearts overflowin' with sadness
    and those words left so often unsaid
    Then I heard a voice whispering softly
    "Can I have all your stuff when you're dead?"

    "Could I have your TV and your pickup?
    And I've always admired those shoes
    Could I have that old dinin' room table?
    And there's a couple of chairs I could use
    Well, I know that you're headed to glory
    And like a star up to heaven you'll shoot
    When they write the last page of your story
    can I try on that seersucker suit?"

    It was the voice of my dear brother, Thomas
    He was kneelin' down close by my side
    His breath had just come from a funeral
    for a mouthful of teeth that had died
    Well, I prayed my last prayer for salvation
    I was feelin' the touch of God's hand
    But I could still hear the voice of my brother
    as they struck up that old angel band

    "Could I have your old ski boots and surfboard
    and maybe that four-poster bed?
    Would you mind if I took a few records?
    Just Nirvana, the Stones and the Dead
    Well, you know that you can't take it with you
    to your heavenly home up on high
    When you pass through those gates and they hand you your wings
    can I have all your stuff when you die?"

    But the angels consulted St. Peter
    and flew me back to my hospital bed
    My life was a new day a-dawning...

    And the angels took Tommy instead


22 May 16 - 05:32 PM (#3791589)
Subject: RE: Add: Can I Have All Your Stuff When You're Dead
From: Gurney

Must learn that one. It's on YouTube.

22 May 16 - 06:39 PM (#3791601)
Subject: RE: Add: Can I Have All Your Stuff When You're Dead
From: Jeri

Who is Graham? The song title is

Last Words ยท Austin Lounge Lizards

Employee Of The Month

℗ 2006 Sugar Hill. All Rights Reserved.

Composer: Unknown / Bilinmiyor

22 May 16 - 07:16 PM (#3791608)
Subject: RE: Add: Can I Have All Your Stuff When You're Dead
From: GUEST,.gargoyle

Nice, Thank . You.


Perfect for this week's homily.

22 May 16 - 08:34 PM (#3791614)
Subject: RE: Add: Can I Have All Your Stuff When You're Dead
From: Joe Offer

Oh, you'd like Mark Graham, Jeri. He puts on a heck of a house concert. His "Greatest Hits" are "I Can See Your Aura and It's Ugly," "Zen Gospel Singing," and "Their Brains Were Small and They Died." Here's a personal favorite - "Life Is Hardest When You're Dumb."

Thank for setting me straight on the song title. I'll change in the thread title and lyrics post. Here's a recording of "Last Words" by The Kings of MongrelFolk™ - The Kings are Mark Graham & Orville Johnson:


01 Apr 24 - 07:34 PM (#4200253)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Last Words (Mark Graham)
From: Joe Offer

Is the melody for this "Rosin the Beau"?

03 Apr 24 - 10:26 PM (#4200371)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Last Words (Mark Graham)-(all your stuff)
From: GerryM

Joe, I think we heard it sung to the tune of Rosin the Bow at the singaround, but that's not the tune being used by Mongrel Folk at the link you posted, and it's not the tune Four Shillings Short use at the other link you posted. To my ears, the Mongrel Folk tune is original, not taken from any other song I recognize.

The Austin Lounge Lizards link just results in "This video is not available".

Thread drift: The Phil Ochs song, Love Me I'm a Liberal, seems to me to follow Rosin the Bow for the first few bars, but then diverges from it.