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Rick Fielding

10 Dec 99 - 05:04 PM (#147741)
Subject: Rick Fielding
From: kendall

So, where is Rick Fielding? I miss his injections of sanity in the forum. How many of you have his release, Lifeline? This is as good as it gets folks.The last time I was impressed this much was the moon landing.

10 Dec 99 - 05:23 PM (#147751)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Little Neophyte

Kendall, maybe you should be asking, how many have Rick's new release........'This One's The Dreamer'
A 'must' if you are looking to give a meaningful Christmas Gift.

Rick Fielding is a busy man. We should be greatful for whatever time he manages to find for contributing to the Mudcat.

I think he takes private consultations though. You'll have to speak to Heather, his manager about booking an appointment.


10 Dec 99 - 05:29 PM (#147755)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Little Neophyte

Oh ya, one more thing Kendal.
To see Rick, you need to get a referral from you family doctor and I think he gives Mudcatters a 10% discount on counseling sessions.

10 Dec 99 - 05:31 PM (#147756)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Peter T.

Saw him on Thursday. He is now practicing for a concert tomorrow night at the Free Times Cafe in Toronto with Grit Laskin and Curly Boy Stubbs. Your intrepid Mudcat Reporter will try and get in (it is going to be a tight fit, I bet).

yours, Peter T.

10 Dec 99 - 05:52 PM (#147766)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Áine

Peter, please do report back and let us know how the Rickster does (it'll be fantastic, of course). So, if you're going to be a 'press' person, does that mean you get in for free? *BG* And tell Rick if you see him beforehand that we all said break a leg!

-- Áine

10 Dec 99 - 06:13 PM (#147782)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: katlaughing

Next radio show, I think Max and Bert shoud report any "Fielding Sightings" forthwith!**BG**

10 Dec 99 - 07:04 PM (#147805)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: MichaelM

I'm also hoping to see Rick with Grit and Curly Boy at the Free Times tomorrow night.

I have noticed that Rick seems to be lacking something that his companions have i.e. a nickname.

Where else but in this, the bosom of fallow-feeling, could Rick gain that epithet that will place him among the stars of the folk pantheon?

I leave the nicknaming in your capable hands. Let the games commence!


10 Dec 99 - 08:04 PM (#147832)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Little Neophyte


10 Dec 99 - 08:14 PM (#147836)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: kendall

Sir Richard?

10 Dec 99 - 08:17 PM (#147842)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: McGrath of Harlow

"Once more , with Feeling"

10 Dec 99 - 08:17 PM (#147843)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: McKnees

With some inside information I suggest Turkeyman. McKnees

10 Dec 99 - 08:42 PM (#147860)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Lonesome EJ

Ol' Red Eyes

10 Dec 99 - 08:50 PM (#147863)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Susan A-R

Rick had best come back and defend himself, methinks.

10 Dec 99 - 09:28 PM (#147886)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Big Mick

JUST A MINUTE, HERE........HOLD ON THERE........STOP RIGHT THERE........HEY 'SPAW....EL SWANNO........That boy is moonlighting on us......doing side jobs..........counseling and all the firm getting it's cut???????????? And doesn't this sound suspiciously like a little too much ambition??? I would say that old Turkeyman will have some explaining to do at the first board meeting in June.......


10 Dec 99 - 09:50 PM (#147897)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Duckboots

Is this the start of Millennium Madness, a whole thread on Rick Fielding?

Rick is pretty busy rehearsing right now, he's working on some new material for tomorrow night, but I did interrupt to tell him what you were saying, and that he should probably defend himself.

Now, on this nickname thing - what have you started Michael? Bonnie, I must respectfully reject God - there'd be no living with him.

As to McKnees suggestion, I think Turkeyman needs some explanation, she really does think quite well of him, or so she says.

We moved into this house in November and three weeks later my sister, the lovely McKnees, came to visit for Christmas. We had invited about ten people over for dinner and Rick, who does most of the cooking, was determined this was going to be his best Christmas turkey ever, he really wanted to impress McKnees who is a terrific cook. The problem is, this is the first time we'd used this oven, which in retrospect was a great mistake.

He put the Turkey in the oven about an hour or so before they all arrived, at which time there should have been a wonderful smell filling the kitchen. Well, there wasn't, so with McKnees and two other notable cooks looking on he checked on the bird. It was decidedly pale. He put it back and turned up the heat. We all had another drink and waited. Rick is quite disturbed at this point.

Half an hour later, there's been no change to this bird. Rick and three guest cooks decide the oven isn't working, they each take a turn twiddling the knobs but the oven is stuck on broil, and the turkey is still cold. Rick is getting really upset.

What to do, we have another drink and console ourselves that at least we have lots of veggies. Then, Tina has a bright idea and calls her friend Lorraine, who lives two streets over. Lorraine says sure, bring the turkey over they've already had dinner.

Rick and Tina pile into the car with the Turkey and drive to Lorraine's, where the whole family looks on with interest and a lot of laughter as they put it in the oven. They come back, we have another drink and wait.

Fifteen minutes later Lorraine calls to say she thinks she knows what's wrong with our oven, she tells Rick how to twiddle the knobs correctly and, lo and behold, it works and the oven is red hot in no time, and so is Rick, with embarrassment!

Now we have to get our turkey back. Rick and Tina refuse to pick it up so Mose and I go to get it. Everybody is really laughing now, they're rolling on the floor as we walk in to collect our Christmas dinner. Unfortunately, we'd overlooked the fact that the turkey had been cooking and was now hot, and we hadn't brought protective gear. We borrow oven gloves, hoots of laughter, Lorraine puts a towel under the tray, more laughter. We march out holding out heads high, and run for the car.

The turkey goes back into it's righful oven, it begins to brown, we have another drink and open the presents.

An hour later, dinner was served! It may not have been the best turkey, though by now who could tell, but as Rick had promised, he'd made McKnees a Christmas dinner she'd never forget.


10 Dec 99 - 10:20 PM (#147907)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Little Neophyte

Wonderful, story Heather!
See, God is human.
Okay, so it's not his nickname, it's his real name.


10 Dec 99 - 10:42 PM (#147911)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: MichaelM

When we moved into our last apartment the previous tenant (a friend of my wife) told us the oven was broken and had never worked all the time he lived there. (As he never cooked this was no real hardship.) We informed the landlord and were promised a new oven the following week. Shortly before the new oven arrived I was struck by a bout of insomnia. At 3 a.m. I walked into the kitchen and found it strangely hot. The oven interior was lit from within. The element burned (as I discovered later at about 400 degrees) brightly. It was clear that at some point someone had messed with the timer knobs and for some years the oven had been coming on for two hours between 3 and 5 a.m.

Ah, machinery.


10 Dec 99 - 11:31 PM (#147926)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Rick Fielding

Holy SHIT! (please excuse the profanity catters..I usually leave that to Catspaw)
So Kendall Morse, you're responsible for this! In the words of the immortal Leo Gorcey of the Bowery Boys, "Why I ottaaaaa.....!"
I've been peeking in on Mudcat for a few minutes late at night after working on a lot on new songs and details for some 2000 tours , but probably in a pretty low profile. Since my atheistic views are well known around here I didn't want to mess up any positive vibes eminating from the "healing threads", so I contented myself with reading what everyone else was saying, posting a "yes Minister thread" and listening to redhotjazz
I may break with my beliefs and call upon ALL the various dieties (male, female, feline, Charleton Heston etc.) to make sure there's no great turkey massacree this year. Jeri's comin' ALL the way from New Hampshire to join us! OH, the pressure! Maybe I'll just hire the neighbour to cook it. Be good my friends.

10 Dec 99 - 11:36 PM (#147929)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding

you will notice a lot of "the regulars" are "electing" to check in only a few times a week

some of the "last two year's drop-ins" have made the MC/DT less than it was.

Several of us have gone to a "better place" but your got to find it....on your is in the threads

Gossips are more than welcome the MC

this posting is fictious and does not represent the feelings or opinion of any MudCatter that has not posted within the last three weeks

10 Dec 99 - 11:37 PM (#147930)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: dick greenhaus

...ONce more, with Fielding....

Now there's an album title or you...

10 Dec 99 - 11:37 PM (#147931)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Jeri

Reminder to self: pack sandwiches.

10 Dec 99 - 11:47 PM (#147938)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding

He doesn't want to be here let him rest

11 Dec 99 - 01:53 AM (#147971)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Sandy Paton

Rick must be really busy! He hasn't called Caroline to talk politics in days!


11 Dec 99 - 02:25 AM (#147975)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: McKnees

Thanks Duckboots for telling the Turkey story so well, but it's not the whole story, as I had been visiting a week or so before and twice tried to make Shortbread and a christmas cake, all of which had been disasters, as all that was coming on was the grill part. Now Duckboots didn't see these but Ricky did. So he's not the only one who was embarrassed. Ricks' got a great way of dealing with this, if it doesn't look like what it is then call it something else. McKnees

11 Dec 99 - 02:35 AM (#147977)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: catspaw49

I suppose that explains why you changed your Mudcat name KNOCKERS. McKnees is completely lame......KNOCKERS had real class; granted all of it was low, but it was class nonetheless. What kind of wimpy thing is McKnees? Absolutely NO image at all. Aren't you ashamed of this total lack bravado? Where's the chutzpah? C'mon KNOCKERS...GO for it!


11 Dec 99 - 02:51 AM (#147979)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Jeremiah McCaw

ahem ...

Rick (Outstanding) Fielding? ...

11 Dec 99 - 03:23 AM (#147989)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Joe Offer

For the life of me, I can't figure out how this Fielding character got so phenomenally popular around here. Heck, the guy could come out with a new CD every other month....and he'd sell 200 copies every time.
Who says there ain't any money in folk music? All you need is personality...
-Joe Offer-

11 Dec 99 - 12:28 PM (#148114)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Rick Fielding

Yup Joe, most of my albums have sold about 200 copies. In Canada that's a Gold record! I have numerous awards for recordings that have gone "Melmac",(25 sales) but this time were looking for that elusive "Arborite" goal. That's where you sell 100, and it doeasn't include your relatives!
On a serious note, (hope new catters know that I'm usually joking) the making, and marketing of albums in a traditional style is a humbling experience. The day Sandy and Caroline Paton decided to start a folk music record company 40 years ago was decidedly NOT the day they opted to go for "big bucks"! But oh boy, non-mainstream pickers like myself owe a huge debt of gratitude to folks like them,(and the Borealis "family",) and people like Wally and Dick who help get the stuff out to people who want to hear it.

To McKnees: Ignore Catspaw, he's obsessed with the female form. I, on the other hand would suggest your new moniker reflect your "Trecker" interests. Oh, and you're right about re-naming cooking disasters. Once when the cap fell of a bottle of curry powder, I renamed "yankee pot-roast" as "Bombay surprise"!

Rick(still embarrassed by this thread, but glad to have made some mudcat friends in '99)

11 Dec 99 - 12:43 PM (#148122)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: bseed(charleskratz)

Bonnie, maybe GOD is a bit strong--and counter productive: Rick wouldn't be able to believe in himself. I'd suggest Orpheus: since I put him in my clock radio he makes the sun rise for me daily (except weekends, when I generally ignore sunrise). Of course, Orpheus might get a bit dangerous--in a fit of pique, he could end up like his namesake, but instead of torn to pieces, he'd be duckboot stomped and McKneed to pulp.


And does anyone know the URL that site that the unmentionable mentioned above? I feel like organizing an invading party.

11 Dec 99 - 12:55 PM (#148125)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: Áine

My dearest 'Seedster,

Don't bother with all that. Posting on such a site (if it does exist) would make me feel dirty -- kinda like the way I feel when I post to IRTRAD-L . . . (I'm just kidding, BTW).

-- Áine

11 Dec 99 - 01:02 PM (#148128)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
From: kendall

Jeez I ask a simple question, I get a love in..Nick name?? how about Gin Ricky?

11 Dec 99 - 01:08 PM (#148134)
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding

I gotta go long with Catspaw even moor now senz Seed made thet reemark bout bean duckbooted an McKneed....Now Mr. Rick I think ya kin seez az how ittid be a lot moor fun ta be knockered.

Hey! Iz she marreet ur singul? See I iz tween wives now so to speek an Ime lookin fer one whut kin cook like she kin an makin them shortbreds an all.