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Bouzouki buying advice

08 Nov 16 - 05:48 AM (#3818870)
Subject: RE: Bouzouki buying advice
From: theleveller

Thanks for the advice. Tell you what, Some Bloke, I might just pop to Music Room and try the cheapies. I bought my cittern and Buchanan mando from them (at Whitby).

08 Nov 16 - 05:55 AM (#3818872)
Subject: RE: Bouzouki buying advice
From: GUEST,Richard

Paul Hathway's instruments are always worth considering. I don't have a bouzouki, but have played several of his, and am particularly impressed with his guitar-shaped bouzouki. And at sub-Fylde prices, a bargain. Hobgoblin's London branch stock his instruments, not sure about other branches, but check them out.

08 Nov 16 - 05:56 AM (#3818862)
Subject: Bouzouki buying advice
From: theleveller

Having spent the last couple of years recovering from a right hand injury which kept me from playing, I can now hold a plectrum again although finger picking is still a no-go. Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a bouzouki and am considering either a Moon or a Buchanan. My wife had a Buchanan mandolin, which was superb, so I'm quite keen to try one of his bouzoukis (fortunately, his workshop is not too far away so I plan to go and talk to him).

Alternatively, I was wondering if anyone had any experience of Moon bouzoukis, which are a couple of hundred quid cheaper than Buchanans. I've played a couple of his guitars and, of course, Dougie Maclean plays his instruments. The maple guitars of his that I've played I found a little too bright for my taste, but is this what I should be looking for in a bouzouki or should I be going for a richer sound (similar to my to-die-for Fylde arch-top cittern in Mahogany and cedar which has the most amazing tone, but I can't afford a Fylde bouzouki)? No one round here stocks Moon bouzoukis so there's nowhere I can try one, so any opinions would be most welcome – or suggestions of alternatives around £1K or less.

08 Nov 16 - 06:07 AM (#3818864)
Subject: RE: Bouzouki buying advice
From: GUEST,Some bloke

I was in a similar position the other year. I ended up "dipping in the water" with s £100 Romanian unbranded one from The Music Room in Cleckheaton on the basis of not buying an expensive one till I see how much I use it. Then trade it in. I couldn't lose that much.

Here's the odd thing. I use it a lot and whether coincidence of manufacturing tolerances or well seasoned timber (solids, not laminates and at this price..) I am not yet minded to buy anything better just yet. I had a go on a few in the trade hall at Whitby festival but none were head and shoulder above it.

I ended up buying yet another ruddy guitar instead.

Don't dismiss cheapies. Laser cutting, controlled seasoning and quality glues mean most timber instruments at the cheap end are way better than a few years ago.

08 Nov 16 - 06:30 AM (#3818867)
Subject: RE: Bouzouki buying advice
From: Stu

I bought a Williams guitar-bouzouki that I rate very highly. It's got more sustain and volume than my Foley bit still has that twang I like from a bouzouki. I'm thinking of selling it for about half of what you want to spend.

I tried a Buchanans once and considered it, and although I've never seen or played a Moon they had a good reputation.

08 Nov 16 - 07:00 AM (#3818887)
Subject: RE: Bouzouki buying advice
From: theleveller

Thanks Richard. I have a Hathway mandolin and used to have an Octave. The mando is great but I wasn't as impressed with the Octave. Still worth considering. Hobgoblin in Leeds usually have some of his instruments so I'll op in for a play.