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Fielding-Stubbs-Laskin Inc.

12 Dec 99 - 01:38 PM (#148546)
Subject: Fielding-Stubbs-Laskin Inc.
From: Peter T.

From Our Business Reporter:
Folk business circles were intrigued last night by the merger of R. Fielding Enterprises, Stubbs Unlimited, and Laskin Manufacturers, as announced at a shareholders meeting at the Free Times Cafe in Toronto. The initial offering was well received, with the three musical partners consolidating their holdings. Mudcat shareholders at the meeting included the beauteous Duckboots, the equally beauteous Banjo Bonnie, the imposing Tony Burns (in Mudcat regalia), and your Business Reporter. As usual, the meeting was packed out, and a second show was added at the last minute to accommodate new shareholders. Stock rose during the evening, culminating for this Reporter in a mutual fund float of "Blind Willie McTell".
Current speculation suggests that this new company is going to go head to head with another regional triplet folk group in a regional arena; either in a mutual takeover bid, or more likely in the 1st Millenium Tag-Team Folk Wrestling Competition or Battle of the Triple HydraHeaded Toronto Folk Groups For World Supremacy. A member of the other band was seen at the event, prompting murmers of the expected challenge. FWF Event impending!

Signal: Buy.

12 Dec 99 - 07:16 PM (#148555)
Subject: RE: Fielding-Stubbs-Laskin Inc.
From: Áine

Great Report from Peter T.!

If the stock splits, who's going to be there to CYA (cover your assets)??

-- Áine

12 Dec 99 - 09:16 PM (#148561)
Subject: RE: Fielding-Stubbs-Laskin Inc.
From: kendall

Where do I buy stock?

12 Dec 99 - 09:43 PM (#148567)
Subject: RE: Fielding-Stubbs-Laskin Inc.
From: katlaughing

I want in and I want in BIG!! LMAWROTF! Peter, CLASSIC!!!

Congrats to Fielding-Stubbs-Laskin, Inc. Now when will we see this on the NYSE!?


12 Dec 99 - 10:22 PM (#148580)
Subject: RE: Fielding-Stubbs-Laskin Inc.
From: Little Neophyte

Just to add a few things to the tall & handsome Peter T.'s review.......
At first, I questioned how kosher this new corporation was going to be because initially the three of them walked onto the stage like boys from the mob, carring their attache cases & wearing dark sunglasses.
Then there was the Award Giving.
Grit Laskin already has received an Award for Excellence in musical instrument making.
Curly Boy (Paul)Stubbs has some kind of award for working with Sharon Lois and Bram.
So last night, Rick got an Award for Congeniality.
Then there was Rick's rare kazoo. Made from specially designed wood. He stuck a long funnel on each side of the kazoo to enhance the sound. It was a great hit!
Rick, Paul & Grit were hilarious! I would have been 'rolling on the floor with laughter' but I feared with such a crowd, I would have lost my seat.

It was also wonderful to meet some other Mudcatters.
Peter T., Tony Burns, and Michael K.
Without Duckboots organizational skills & hard work this evening would have never happened.
Thanks Heather, it was wonderful success!

12 Dec 99 - 10:55 PM (#148601)
Subject: RE: Fielding-Stubbs-Laskin Inc.
From: Susan A-R

what was the outcome of the Rick nick name cdiscussion? It just occured to me that he'd come up with Bootsie Cote De Neige in an earlier thread. I think that Bootsie's kinda cute but well . . . Wish I'd been in Toronto for the festivities. Thanks for the report Peter.