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Lyr Add: Rounds About the Very Rich

24 Jan 17 - 12:27 AM (#3834437)
Subject: Lyr Add: Rounds About the Very Rich
From: Joe Offer

Continuing my tribute to The Donald during the week after his inauguration, I'd like to share three rounds I found in The People's Songs Bulletin, Vol. I, No. 5, June 1946. I thank Bob "Deckman" Nelson for giving me this treasure.

The introduction:
    These rounds were made up in the early days of the Composer's Collective. Anyone who has ever sung a round like "Three Blind Mice" will know how to sing them: Divide your singers into the three groups. The first starts singing Line A, all the way through, then line B, then C, and then begins the round all over again. When the first group reaches B, the second group starts singing line A, and so on.
I'm researching all the songs in the Rise Up Singing Songbook - you'll find these three rounds in the "Rounds" Chapter of RUS.

24 Jan 17 - 12:30 AM (#3834438)
Subject: ADD: Poor Mister Morgan
From: Joe Offer

(L.E. Swift)

A. Poor Mister Morgan cannot pay his income tax;
B. Pity poor Morgan he cannot pay.
C. He's dead broke, he hasn't got a cent.

copyright 1933 by L.E. Swift.

Rise Up Singing credits this song to Elie Siegmeister, ©1988 - wish I knew the story behind that.

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24 Jan 17 - 12:33 AM (#3834439)
Subject: ADD: Joy Upon This Earth
From: Joe Offer

(words by Fred Rolland, Music by Carl Sands)

A. Oh, Joy upon this earth to live and see the day When
B. Rockefeller Senior shall up to me and say:
C. Brother can you spare a dime? Oh...

Copyright 1934 by Fred Rolland and Carl Sands

Rise Up Singing credits this song to Fred Holland and Charles Seeger, ©1934.

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24 Jan 17 - 12:43 AM (#3834440)
Subject: ADD: There Are Three Brothers
From: Joe Offer

(L.E. Swift)

A. There are three brothers named DuPont. Patriots are they
     They make their profits from munitions In an honest way.

B. They love their country right or wrong.
     But when yen or liras come along, They

C. Always very cheerfully to any nation sell
     Shells that will all armor pierce And armor that will stop each shell.

Copyright L.E. Swift, 1934

Rise Up Singing credits this song to Elie Siegmeister, ©1988

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