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Wanton Seed Tour

04 Feb 17 - 05:42 PM (#3836772)
Subject: Wanton Seed Tour
From: Steve Gardham

To promote the recently published new editions of the Marrow Bones series there has been a series of concerts arranged this month
Maidenhead 15th (sold out)
Cecil Sharp House 16th
Whitchurch, Oxon, 18th (few tickets left).

The line up at the House is Bryony Griffith, Jim Causley, Jackie Oates and Paul Sartin, and The Askew Sisters.

Details are on the EFDSS website and on Bryony's website 'The Wanton Seed Tour'. You should get this by Googling.

Copies of The Wanton Seed will be on sale at all 3 concerts.

The publishers are trying very hard to get the copies of 'Southern Harvest' finished for then but it's a stretch. If it's not ready by then you will at least be able to order copies and they will be out very soon. Southern Harvest is an omnibus edition of 'The Constant Lovers' and 'The Foggy Dew', the final 2 books in the series of Hammond/Gardiner mss songs originally edited by Frank Purslow.

04 Feb 17 - 10:28 PM (#3836807)
Subject: RE: Wanton Seed Tour
From: Joe Offer

Who's the publisher of the currently-available edition of The Wanton Seed, Steve. I picked mine up in the UK in 2015 - it was published in 2015 by Francis Boutle Publishers. Same one?

How can we poor souls languishing in the Land of Trump get copies of Southern Harvest, and when?

I can hardly wait. I've been trying to assemble a full Frank Purslow collection for years.


05 Feb 17 - 04:39 AM (#3836835)
Subject: RE: Wanton Seed Tour
From: Steve Gardham

Both Francis Boutle.

I'm told Clive Boutle tried to get Dick G. interested in distributing the volumes your side but didn't get a reply. Dick, if you're listening please get in touch.

05 Feb 17 - 07:22 AM (#3836866)
Subject: RE: Wanton Seed Tour
From: GUEST,Guest

Sounds an interesting concept but perhaps not for ageing folkies!?

05 Feb 17 - 11:33 AM (#3836909)
Subject: RE: Wanton Seed Tour
From: Steve Gardham

I strongly suspect the concept will be full of ageing folkies.

05 Feb 17 - 05:40 PM (#3836976)
Subject: RE: Wanton Seed Tour
From: GUEST,Nick Dow

I have been doing a series of concerts promoting the book with Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham and Bryony. Looks like we may be doing the same at Whitby this year, with the addition of Paul Sartin. Not confirmed yet though. I have had a small input into the Southern Harvest book, and I am looking forward to the publication very much.

05 Feb 17 - 05:46 PM (#3836979)
Subject: RE: Wanton Seed Tour
From: Joe Offer

Hmmm. Keith Kendrick comes here to the Left Coast of the U.S. I wonder if he'd like to carry some songbooks in his baggage....

05 Feb 17 - 05:53 PM (#3836982)
Subject: RE: Wanton Seed Tour
From: Steve Gardham

Nick is being somewhat modest here. He has written a splendid introduction and has provided the Dorset singers' biographies. Oh, and a magnificent photo of Marina Russell. Indeed the title 'Southern Harvest' is his idea.