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Lyr/Tune Req: Sir Donkey? / Orientis Partibus

13 Dec 99 - 02:59 PM (#148855)
Subject: sir donkey?
From: MMario

Does anyone know lyrics and tune for this? I found a reference to it in a n old thread regarding Christmas Songs, and found reference to it on a web site regarding religious festivals in the 1400's, but only one verse and no tune.....

From Oriental country came
A lordly ass of highest fame,
So beautiful, so strong and trim,
No burden was too great for him.
Hail, Sir Donkey, hail.


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14 Dec 99 - 02:08 PM (#149362)
Subject: RE: sir donkey?
From: T in Oklahome (Okiemockbird)

The usual tune to those words is Orientis Partibus, which can be found in a number of church hymnals. The words "Conquering kings their titles take from the kings they captive make" were once set to it.

The original latin words (one version, anyhow) are:

Orientis partibus
adventavit asinus
pulcher et fortissimus
sarcinis aptissimus
Hez! sir asne hez!


15 Dec 99 - 09:40 AM (#149788)
Subject: RE: sir donkey?
From: Okiemockbird

At is what claims to be a link to a midi file of the melody, though I haven't myself followed this link. T.

15 Dec 99 - 09:51 AM (#149796)
Subject: RE: sir donkey?
From: MMario

Thank you!