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BS: Herostratus (1967)

20 Apr 17 - 08:45 PM (#3851518)
Subject: BS: Herostratus (1967)
From: Jack Campin

The latest suicidal-killer unpleasantness reminded me of a remarkable film I saw nearly 50 years ago: Don Levy's "Herostratus", about a bad poet who plans to commit suicide and milk the event for all the PR it's worth, only to have the PR industry chew him up and spit him out.

Levy's career went nowhere, the film seems to have been a personal catastrophe for a lot of the people involved in making it, and it disappeared into cultic obscurity. But there's never been another film like it: I didn't understand it much at all at the time, but I've had flashbacks from it ever since. And what Levy's ad-industry manipulators were doing anticipates what the handlers of political suicide attackers do today; he had no precedent to refer to.

It's been available again for a few years now. I'd be interested to hear what anybody else makes of it.

21 Apr 17 - 02:33 PM (#3851707)
Subject: RE: BS: Herostratus (1967)
From: keberoxu

Helen Mirren Forever

21 Apr 17 - 03:18 PM (#3851721)
Subject: RE: BS: Herostratus (1967)
From: Donuel

Life and death imitating art.

I ordered 6 pair of gloves :) and saw more of the film including Helen's auto erotica. It is an R rated film by today's standards.

The lonely suffering of the poet may be a suicide syndrome and fame in death pathology that may underlie the suicide by cop or religious expression by home grown terrorists today.

A Clockwork Orange put me in a disturbed fugue state for a week or more. I was not conditioned to ultra violence back then.