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BBC and its treats

20 Jun 17 - 12:07 PM (#3861941)
Subject: BBC and its treats
From: Will Fly

I was strolling through the BBC TV archives, courtesy of the BBC iPlayer, the other evening. In succession I listened to:

David Own Norris - Perfect Pianists at the BBC
Roy Orbison and Friends: a Black & White night 30
The Man Who Brought the Blues To Britain: Big Bill Broonzy
Pink Floyd Beginnings 1967-1972

About 4 hours of wonderful music. I thought to myself afterwards: Where else could I get such varied riches?

The Beeb may not be quite what it was in its heyday, but it can still turn out some wonders, including (from these programmes):

Murray Perahia playing Scarlatti's G Major sonata
James Burton producing blistering solos for Orbison
Big Bill playing in a seminal film in Belgium


20 Jun 17 - 12:42 PM (#3861945)
Subject: RE: BBC and its treats
From: JHW

Ah Big Bill Broonzy - why did he never turn that Immersion Heater off?