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Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup

07 Aug 17 - 01:40 AM (#3870370)
Subject: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: Joe Offer

This year's San Francisco Camp New Harmony is Wednesday 12/27/17 to Monday 1/1/18

Registrations open on or about Sept 16, and close on or about Dec 1.

More news as it happens. Watch this space.

I won't post the workshop calendars until early November, but feel free to post your workshops now, if you like.

See you at camp!

-Joe Offer-

From Camp Newman's Facebook page 9 October 2017:
    As many of you may have heard, since 10pm last night, forest fires have been burning in Sonoma and Napa counties. It is with tremendous shock and sadness that we share that the majority of the buildings at our beloved Camp Newman home have been destroyed.
    Right now, the reports are that the fires in the area are still burning. As you might assume, information coming out of the area right now is spotty. Our staff has not been able to visit camp, and may not be able to for a few days. We will, of course, provide you with more information as it becomes available. Please continue to check Facebook for ongoing updates.
    Most importantly, we take great comfort in knowing that all of our staff are safe. We are so grateful to the first responders and firefighters who attempted to save our camp buildings. We are keeping these heroic and hardworking people in our thoughts and prayers as they continue to work to protect the people and the places in our Camp Newman neighborhood, for whom we will continue to pray. If you have evacuated your home and need a safe place with power and water, you can visit our wonderful Reform synagogue close to camp, Congregation Shomrei Torah.
    We have been so moved by your outpouring of love, support and concern for camp. It is a powerful reminder that Camp is about our holy community, our kehillah kedosha.
    In the weeks to come, we will share more details about our plans for the future. We will also provide a way for your children and teens to process this news, and how you can help.
    Thank you for keeping Camp Newman and the beautiful land it occupies in your hearts and thoughts.
    To all those who love Camp Newman and our community, together we will go from strength to strength,
    Ruben Arquilevich, Rabbi Erin Mason, Michelle Tandowsky, and the entire URJ Camp Newman team and Advisory Board
The news sounds bad, but the camp committee will wait a few days and not make a decision until we get more specific information from the Camp Newman staff. The camp has built ten or so new cabins over the last five years, and a lovely health and welcome center. These new buildings are in spaces that are very "defensible," so maybe they survived. There are many other buildings that go back to the time when the camp was a military cooking school, and those buildings are in much more vulnerable locations. I'm hoping against hope, I suppose, but I think it's a good idea to wait until we get solid information.


22 Oct 2017
Well, we have a new location for Camp New Harmony. It will be at Camp Monte Toyon (click) at Aptos, just south of Santa Cruz. This camp is much smaller than we're used to, so registrations will be limited. We won't reopen registration until we've confirmed that everyone who has already registered, will be accommodated. Give us a week or two. Then we'll have a limited "early bird" discount period.
It's a beautiful camp in a beautiful location. Not a bad drive from the Bay Area, but tough on us Sacramento folks.

07 Aug 17 - 08:49 PM (#3870480)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: Joe Offer

From Patience Young, who remembers what we decided about things:

    Hi Joe,
    Please book the Welcome Center Lounge for singing each evening after dinner (8pm onward). Thanks1

We hope this will let people keep singing long after the bus stops rolling at night, and that it will be more accesible.


16 Sep 17 - 02:47 PM (#3877309)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: GUEST,Carol Holdstock

Hi Joe,
I would like to lead a workshop on " Songs that Faith Petric Sang". Please book it in the morning at 11 am. Thanks!

16 Sep 17 - 02:48 PM (#3877310)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: GUEST,Carol

I forgot to say that any day but Jan 1 will do.

18 Sep 17 - 06:31 PM (#3877577)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: GUEST,debby mcclatchy

HI joe; if available please save 3-4pm in Reuben's on Friday for a mini concert. I'll add a banjo workshop later, love, deb

26 Sep 17 - 04:50 AM (#3878757)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: Joe Offer

Camp registration is open: - click the "Camp New Harmony" link.

The early bird registration discount ends October 20. Sign up ealy and save yourself sixty bucks.


26 Sep 17 - 11:47 PM (#3878910)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: GUEST,Amy Kirsch

Hi Joe,

I'd like to have a Redmond O'Colonies Memorial Joke Fest, at 4 or 5 pm on Friday. Perhaps a happy hour, BYOB. Parental discretion advised. We will be telling many jokes we remember that we learned from Redmond.

Perhaps in cabin 6?

Amy :)

You got it, Amy. Maybe you'd like to ask Bev & Jerry Praver to do a town crier announcement at the beginning? Just a suggestion, but I thought it would be nice since Redmond was a town crier of some note. Email me if you need help contacting Bev & Jerry.

I'm not going to post the schedule charts for a few weeks, but all of the above requests will get their wishes granted, as will most who post their wishes before Thanksgiving.

29 Sep 17 - 03:51 PM (#3879348)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: GUEST,Fred Maslan

Joe, I would like to lead a workshop on "songs For the Earth". Songs about all sorts of natural phenomena and our reactions to them,especially songs about the effect we are having on the planet.


29 Sep 17 - 05:09 PM (#3879360)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: mg

fred..could i ask how you get there? you can pm me if you don't want stalkers etc. i might or might not be retired by then and perhaps i could make it, depending on cost etc.

29 Sep 17 - 07:21 PM (#3879378)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup

If it is available, Reubens would be nice.


30 Sep 17 - 07:47 AM (#3879437)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: Joe Offer

It sure would be nice to spend a week with you at camp, mg. I've known you online forever, but we've never met in person.

30 Sep 17 - 05:59 PM (#3879527)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: Pamela R

Hi Joe,
I'll be attending camp for the first time this year. If you like I could do a workshop on "Divergent Variants" - comparing amazingly different versions of very old traditional songs/ballads that were collected in different parts of England, Scotland, Ireland, Appalachia; maybe even versions from New England, Canada, Australia. This could easily fill two hours since ballads are long and there are lots of really cool variants to explore. I hope participants would contribute variants; to avoid duplications, I would coordinate that a bit in advance.

Or, I could lead a one-hour workshop on "The Broadside Side of Ballads" -- ballads many of us know from oral tradition that also had a parallel/intersecting life in very old cheap street literature (broadsides, chapbooks). I could explain a bit about that history and bring facsimiles of actual broadsides for the group to sing together. Yes, singing from the page! (a thing I normally don't.)

Or, I could do a mini-concert if people want me to.

Depending on the camp's needs and preferences I'm glad to do any one or two, but preferably not all three of the above.

Scheduling: I'm hoping to be there the whole time but it is possible I will have to arrive a day late or leave a day early to meet family obligations, which I won't know until early December. So if you make the schedule before then, a midweek time slot would be preferred. Any time of day is fine, but please try not to overlap other ballad-themed workshops.

Pamela Reinagel

Hi, Pamela. Nice to meet you on the phone. I'll probably put you down for a mini-concert and the broadsides session. I'll let one of our old-timers make sure that an adequate number of ballads sessions are scheduled.
See you in December.

04 Oct 17 - 02:47 AM (#3880131)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: GUEST,Amelia Hogan

I have not been able to load the mudcat page on my mobile device.
I would like to add two separate hours of workshops preferably not opposite triple crown or meals in the main a capella singing space.

Will try to also add this to the mudcat page another time.
Can you help with this?
Thank you.

Hi, Amelia - I got your email and posted it here. Mudcat seems to be having trouble loading on some browsers, especially phone browsers. What are the names of your workshops?


05 Oct 17 - 12:56 AM (#3880363)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: GUEST,Charlie Fenton

Hi Joe,

I have received approval from Dick Holdstock and Riggy Rackin. Please schedule the Triple Crown on Saturday December 30, 2017:
Triple Crown setup 2pm in Cabin 6
John Barleycorn 3pm in Cabin 6 (Charlie Fenton)
Pub Songs 4pm in Cabin 6 (Riggy Rackin)
Sea Chanties 5PM in Cabin 6 (Dick Holdstock)


Charlie Fenton

27 Oct 17 - 02:28 PM (#3885122)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: Joe Offer

Here's the official word on the new location for Camp Harmony:

    On Wednesday, October 25, 2017, 10:05:44 PM PDT, Margaret Miles via Harmony wrote:

    As you are probably aware, Camp Newman will not be availablefor this
    year's Camp Harmony due to the devastating fires.? We are grateful
    that staff were safely evacuated, and the camp is planning to rebuild.
    We are very sad to lose a place with so many happy memories, but we
    agree with the Camp Newman staff who said that community is more about
    the people than the place, and so the Camp Harmony Committee has
    worked to find a solution so we can still hold our annual community

    ?We are very pleased to announce that we will be holding Camp Harmony
    at Monte Toyon this year.? We researched and evaluated a number of
    alternative locations.? Monte Toyon, located near Aptos, is available
    during the dates for Camp Harmony, is within our price range, and has
    facilities that are accessible for our members.? Please visit their
    website monte-toyonfor details about the

    Given the short notice, we are very fortunate that Monte Toyon staff
    are willing to give up their normal winter vacation to make their camp
    available to us, so please be sure to thank them.

    While there was no site with all the advantages of Camp Newman, the
    committee felt it would be better to have a camp with limitations than
    no camp at all. The site is a beautiful spot in the redwoods. But it
    is smaller than Camp Newman and has room for far fewer campers.? There
    are no private rooms, and some people will have to sleep in upper
    bunks. Most likely, everyone will have to share a room with at least 2
    or 3 others.

    All bedroom buildings have men's and women's bathrooms with showers
    within the building. There is an option to sleep off site with meals
    served on site, at a lower cost. There are also a very few spots for
    tents, but at the same fee as those sleeping in bunks. RVs are not

    The site's accessibility for people with mobility or other limitations
    is generally very good, and the kitchen will accommodate dietary

    We have sent emails to all who have already registered,offering them the option to keep, cancel, or modify their reserved place. Thosewho cancel by the deadline stated in the email will receive a full refund.

    Once we?ve heard from those already registered, we will reopen registration. Sincespace is limited at our temporary alternate location, people who register aftercamp is full will be put on a waiting list pending additional cancellations. ??Please check the Harmony listserv, the sffmc.orgwebsite, and the SFFMC Facebook page for the latest information.

02 Nov 17 - 02:42 AM (#3886321)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: GUEST,Sadie Damascus (via email to Joe)

May I reserve two workshop spaces (two hours if possible) and one for a workshop Robert and I are leading? Mine are BAWDY SONGS and BALLADS OF THE SUPERNATURAL.

03 Nov 17 - 06:24 PM (#3886644)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup

I would be happy to lead a workshop on Silly Songs and another workshop on "Songs from Campfires."

We arrive Thursday, so I can do these on Friday or Sat. Please do not conflict with John Barleycorn or with Sunday morning gospel or shapenotes. Thanks.


03 Nov 17 - 07:47 PM (#3886653)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: Joe Offer

We have everything set up with Camp Monte Toyon at Aptos, but we still have a lot of decisions to make. Aptos is just outside Santa Cruz, so it's a 5-hour drive for me instead of three. I haven't seen Monte Toyon, but I understand it's an absolutely beautiful camp set in the redwoods. The buildings are close together, so we will not have a camp bus this year. The chapel is not completely accessible, but we think people should not have any trouble getting to other buildings.

Registration has reopened, but space is limited. As of this morning, there were only 46 spaces left. We could not continue the "early bird" registration discount because Camp Monte Toyon charges us more than Camp Newman did. The rate for 6 days of camp is $510. There is some campership money available for those who cannot afford the full fee.
Details (and camp photos) at - click on the "Camp New Harmony" link.

I'm not ready to post the schedule grids for workshops yet. We're having a camp committee meeting on Monday, and I'm hoping we will be able to decide about workshop times and venues then. If you'd like to lead a workshop, please post your requests now, and I'll put them on the schedule once I get a working schedule set up. Please post your first and last name, name of the workshop (no more than FOUR words), description of the workshop, and the day and time of day you'd like. Workshops will be on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - from about 9 AM to 6 PM, give or take an hour.

For now, all requests for workshops will be accommodated. I'll let you know in this thread when things get tight and some workshop times will be limited. But for now, we have lots of times and lots of spaces. I'll update this message early next week after our meeting, when I know more about workshop times and spaces.

See you at camp.


04 Nov 17 - 12:19 AM (#3886674)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: GUEST,madge strong

Hi Joe,
I'd like to do some of my usual workshops: rounds singing and Balkan and S. African songs & dances, one or the other per day.
So sad about Camp Newell and all the other fire victims... Monte Toyon is a stretch for driving, but I can't quite imagine New Years w/o SFFMC!

05 Nov 17 - 04:19 PM (#3886943)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: leeneia

I was daydreaming about using my airline miles to attend Camp New Harmoney, but this page:

says that registration for Camp New Harmony for one or more days is full. There's a waiting list.

Apparently registration for 0 days is still open, but that would be a long way to travel.   :)
I'm happy that there is such enthusiastic response to the camp.

05 Nov 17 - 07:07 PM (#3886956)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: Joe Offer

Yeah, we were afraid we'd fill up. Camp Newman had a capacity of 600. I think we got to 300 a few nights when we were there, but averaged about 250. The capacity of Camp Monte Toyon is 146.
I'm thinking the first night to fill up will be New Year's Eve, December 31. There may be open days earlier in the week.
I don't think Camp Newman will be rebuilt in time for our 2018-2019 camp. but maybe the next year - but it could be that we will find a large-enough camp foir 2018-19, since we have a year to look. We found Monte Toyon in about two weeks, and then took another couple weeks to work out the details. I think we did pretty well, given our short deadline.
We're sure going to miss Camp Newman. I hope to be able to drive to Newman in the spring and get an idea of the fire damage for myself.

05 Nov 17 - 10:39 PM (#3886976)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: GUEST,Deborah Sandler and Daniel Hersh

We would like to sign up to lead our usual Shabbat celebration at camp, on Friday from 4-6 pm, 4-5:30 pm if that?s easier. Let us know if that will work out - thanks!

06 Nov 17 - 12:17 AM (#3886978)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: GUEST,Robert Rodriquez - by phone to Joe

Two workshops, not during Barleycorn or Ballads workshops, anytime after noon;

All God's Critters
Songs and Stories of critters large and small, ordinary and otherwise

The World of Strange
Songs and Stories of the unexpected, the bizarre, and the unusual.

So far, I should have no trouble fitting these workshops in, although we probably won't be able to get the kitchen to provide challah for Shabbat.

06 Nov 17 - 04:46 PM (#3887151)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: sadie damascus

Joe, I know I have already requested two workshop spaces (ideally, not during meals or at the same time as other ballad workshops) but perhaps I could partner with Pamela R., with whom I recently spent several days singing, on holding her Divergent Versions ballad workshop?

08 Nov 17 - 12:52 AM (#3887422)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: Joe Offer

Got a bit more information at the Camp Committee meeting last night.

  • Breakfast: 9 AM
  • Lunch: 1 PM
  • Dinner: 6:30 PM

Workshops (1 hour, with 15 minutes between):
  • 10:15 AM
  • 11:30 AM
  •   2:15 PM
  •   3:30 PM
  •   4:45 PM

Workshop days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

John Barleycorn Workshops: Saturday afternoon.
Shabbat: Friday at 4:45 PM
Gospel sing: Sunday at 10:15 AM (Joe Offer)

Patience and I will work up a list of music venues after she makes a site visit on Sunday, November 12 (too damn far for me to drive). After that, I'll work up the spreadsheets for the workshop listings. So far, we have plenty of room for all the workshops that have been requested.

08 Nov 17 - 03:26 AM (#3887432)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: GUEST,Shoshanna Schwimmer - by email to Joe

Hi Joe,

I went to the workshop page of the website and it was very confusing, all the old stuff mixed with the new.

I know there are less workshop spaces at MT? and also Paul Kostka is not going this year, but I am? and I?d like to make sure there?s a place to play Irish. Hard to tell how many people? maybe a space for up to 10? What do you think?

thanks, Shoshanna

    Hi, Shoshanna - we have at least five music venues, and I'm figuring you'll want to do a session every afternoon. Name the time, and I'll find you space.

08 Nov 17 - 10:08 AM (#3887526)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup

Hi Joe! After checking the workshop schedule, I would like to request we have the "Songs Faith Petric Sang" workshop on Friday morning at 11:30. Hope it works out - I feel it's a good way to remember dear Faith.

12 Nov 17 - 04:07 PM (#3888186)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup

Hi, Joe - we can get challah for shabbat at Gayle's Bakery in Capitola.    Daniel

15 Nov 17 - 02:30 AM (#3888628)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: Joe Offer

We should have some sort of agreement on workshop spaces soon. Here's the word from Patience, who made a site visit a few days ago:

We have six actual workable isolated spaces:
Hollidge Hall
Sun Room
Helgesson Hall
Program Office
Cary Lodge Lounge
Silverthorn Chapel

I'll post descriptions of the workshop spaces as soon as I get the OK from Patience.


17 Nov 17 - 02:50 AM (#3888951)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
From: Joe Offer

Workshop venue descriptions from Patience:

    All workshop spaces have chairs that can be moved, stacked.
    Most spaces have a piano, which may or may not be properly tuned for playing.

    > Hollidge Hall

                 A carpeted room seating up to 50 in straight chairs
        Acoustically isolated; good for any instrumental or singing workshop

                Restrooms adjacent, just outside the back door (covered access)
    ?comparable to the Carpeted Room?

    > Sun Room
    located in the Dining Hall building
    Circle of couches, plus straight chairs, seating 10-12 people
    Overflow option into or to the adjacent Fireplace Room if needed
    Restrooms just outside (covered access)
    ?half the size of Ruben?s living room? with an expansion option

    > Helgesson Hall
    a light, spacious building with open-beamed ceiling and wood floors
    > Stage at one end, fireplace with couches at the other.
    Good for larger workshops, dance and other
    Restrooms are across the path, in the Program Office building (not roofed between)
    ?comparable to the Dance Hall?

    > Program Office/Program Center
    seats 10-15 people, on padded benches against two walls, plus single chairs
    restrooms are just outside (not covered access)
    ?larger than the Journalism Room?

    > Cary Lodge Lounge
    seats 20 or so on couches and straight chairs
    circle of seating around coffee table, area rug
    woodburning stove
    Suitable for singing workshops; not appropriate for loud instruments
    restrooms are inside, down the hall
    ?the Study Center with nicer atmosphere"

    > Silverthorn Chapel
    a comfortable space for 30 people. Hexagonal room, 26? across
    panoramic views of the surrounding forest
    acoustically isolated: appropriate for loud instruments
    suitable for small and gentle workshops (not for percussive dancing that could damage its fine wooden floor)
    not fully accessible: unpaved path and stairs to reach it
    restrooms are at a distance, at dorms down the hill
    ?a gem for those who can reach it?

17 Nov 17 - 12:43 PM (#3889024)
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup

Hi Joe,

I've checked over the workshop spaces, and would like to be sure that my workshop is accessible for everyone, in the morning. Jan 1 won't work, though. We should probably have at least 20 people for "Songs that Faith Petric Sang".

Thanks for getting this all organized!


    Hi, Carol - I think the only building that has accessibility problems is the Silverthorn Chapel, up the hill at the far end of the camp walkway. I'd kinda like to do Sunday Morning gospel there nonetheless. Any objections from anybody?