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Songs for British home children memorial

12 Aug 17 - 07:21 PM (#3871273)
Subject: Songs for British home children memorial
From: GUEST,Marion

Hello Mudcatters, I'm looking for song suggestions for a memorial service for British home children in Canada. A few years ago it came to light that there was an unmarked common grave in Toronto with the remains of 75 British home children (or their own illegitimate babies). An organization of descendants has researched their identities and raised money to erect a monument. I wrote a song for the occasion, but I'm looking for a couple of other songs to do.

Here is my song and some links for further information:

Thanks for your help, Marion

13 Aug 17 - 07:53 PM (#3871492)
Subject: RE: Songs for British home children memorial
From: Howard Kaplan

There was a recent (2015) CD project in which various artists contributed songs about the children sent from Britain overseas in similar schemes. This link will take you to the label's web page about the CD, titled "The Ballads Of Child Migration: Songs For Britain's Child Migrants".

One track is by Jez Lowe, titled "Snow To Nova Scotia", and there's a YouTube video of it here.

14 Aug 17 - 01:17 PM (#3871618)
Subject: RE: Songs for British home children memorial
From: Vashta Nerada

The thread started on the facebook page for mudcat will disappear and be difficult to find again, so I am posting what I hope is a durable link to it here so you can find any answers posted there. This is the kind of request that should originate here at, the facebook site is primarily for announcements because of the unwieldy way things disappear.

Please post future answers here at mudcat to keep the resource information here where others can find and use it. Thanks!

P.S. Marion is quite a talented songwriter, if you're interested in looking at her own fine work.