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Melancholy Blues chords available

07 Sep 17 - 12:02 AM (#3875586)
Subject: Melancholy Blues chords are available here
From: GUEST,chaszigmund

I don't know if anyone is reading the old thread on this. I have written out the Melancholy Blues lyrics with the chords in Word. When I copy and paste it here, the line wrap in this box messes everything up. I don't have time to write them out specially here. IF YOU WOULD LIKE THESE CHORDS, by all means drop me a line by email to chaszigmund at gmail and I will be glad to send you the Word document.

07 Sep 17 - 12:38 AM (#3875589)
Subject: RE: Melancholy Blues chords available
From: Acme

I'm using a version of Word from 2012, and the search results under "turn off word wrap" gives lots of wrapping options but nothing to remove it completely.

That said, you can copy the text in the Word document into a Notepad text file (Notepad is an accessory in Windows - depending on your version of Windows you may have to poke around in Microsoft Office files to find it). In Notepad you can go to the top menu option "Format" and deselect "word wrap." It really is that simple. Then "Control A" to select all and past it in here, where it will wrap according to the width of the window. I've used this over the years for pasting lots of things into mudcat screens.

09 Sep 17 - 02:05 AM (#3876019)
Subject: RE: Melancholy Blues chords available
From: GUEST,.gargoyle

You can also place a line break, aka without quotes

" < B R > "

at the end of each line.... And a double set for double a double space.


As pointed out by Acne, above, notepad is a valuable tool.

11 Sep 17 - 11:01 AM (#3876531)
Subject: RE: Melancholy Blues chords available
From: leeneia

Hi, Chas. Are you referring to the Melancholy Blues recorded by the band Whiskey Myers and posted on YouTube?

I ask because there could be more than one song by that name.