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Putting out the Dustbin (Sydney Carter)

30 Sep 17 - 05:04 AM (#3879418)
Subject: Putting out the Dustbin (Sydney Carter)
From: Richard Mellish

Earlier this year I downloaded some Sydney Carter songs. Recently I heard someone somewhere (but I've forgotten where) sing the title track Putting out the Dustbin.

What exactly does this song describe? Is it a solid cart carrying dead bodies, a ghost cart, or what?

30 Sep 17 - 01:16 PM (#3879483)
Subject: RE: Putting out the Dustbin (Sydney Carter)
From: Long Firm Freddie

The whole album is on YouTube; the title track is at 20:15.


He's singing about a fish cart that used to come past when he was putting out the bins late at night on the Grays Inn Road. One night the cart didn't come and now it's only ten ton lorries that thunder past. He decribes the carter as looking like a cadavber, but I think that/s more so he can rhyme the word with "I'd rather have a" than an ghostly connotations.

The old Billingsgate Market was about two miles or so from Grays Inn Road.

Leadfingers posted the lrics on this thread: Lyrics